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Picnic Date Food

Busy moms don’t get enough date time. That’s just a fact. Sometimes I think about ways to make date night easier, with less planning and less money spent. A romantic picnic is a great way to do that! But what food do you bring on a picnic date? Where do you go for a picnic date? What do you need to pack for a picnic date night, and most importantly, what is the best picnic date food to bring on your romantic outing? Let’s take a look at some simple to put together picnic date tips and picnic date food ideas for at home or at your favorite romantic venue.

Simplicity is Key!

  • Any food that can be made in advance and stored in a biodegradable to-go container is your best bet. They are easy to pack up into whatever you’ll be using on the go!
  • Serve food that can be eaten at room temperature or only slightly cooled, which you can do with ice packs.
  • Food that you can eat with your fingers is an easy choice, but if you need utensils simply wrap up each set in a simple cloth napkin for easy use.
  • Use biodegradable picnic supplies (plates, knives, forks, and cups) so you dispose of the mess when you’re finished. (I don’t know of a single person who wants to do dishes on date night).

Picnic Date Food Ideas:

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Easy Summer Salads

Always choose what’s in season and readily available. That makes for the freshest salad. Package up individual servings so you don’t need to bring serving utensils. The link above for easy summer salads will bring you to some of the freshest, easiest salads I make. In fact, if you like – your salad can be your meal.

Salad with orange slices, pomegranate seeds and avocado with arugula on a blue plate
Easy summer salads travel well and taste delicious!

Basic Pasta Salads

Pasta salads can be served warm or cold and it’s just as good either way. Add a little balsamic drizzle to the top for an extra special touch.

Create a Simple Charcuterie “Table”

Bring along a piece of butcher’s paper and your favorite charcuterie ingredients (you can check out some of my favorites right here). Spread them out in bite sized, pre cut pieces and presto, a charcuterie table on the go!

Different types of cheese with apples and nuts, on a wooden plate, in a restaurant. Cheese plate, top view.

If you are looking for something a little fancier and don’t mind a bit of work putting it together, each of these recipes are ones that can be made in advance and be served at room temperature!

Bacon Wrapped Water Chestnuts

Mini Quiche Appetizers

Prosciutto & Fig Bruschetta

More Picnic Food for a Date:

  1. Pinwheels made with prosciutto and Alouette cheese.
  2. Anything on a skewer from caprese salad and grilled chicken to fruit kebabs.
  3. Cold fried chicken.
  4. Cut veggies and either pre-made, or homemade dips.
  5. Sandwiches made on a fresh baguette.
  6. Thrifty Little Mom’s Zesty Cucumber Crisps
  7. Fruit salad
  8. Chicken salad on mini croissants.
  9. Greek salad kebobs
  10. Quiche or Frittata
  11. Bakery bought stuffed breads
  12. Desserts in a jar
  13. Olive tapenade and crackers
  14. Hand pies
  15. Cold Sesame Noodles
  16. Nuts, seeds, and dried fruits

Cocktails for Your Picnic

My recipe for success with cocktails is very simple – make one cocktail you’ll enjoy. If you’re entertaining, add a red and a white wine. For perfect picnics with your sweetheart, one cocktail will do, and make it one you can carry along in a thermos to keep it nice and chilly! (Also, don’t forget the water)!

Creating the Ambiance: Picnic Date Ideas

Make sure the ambiance is spot on.  Here’s a tip – shop your home for what you need.  I’m sure you try to surround yourself with things you love – so simply re-home them for an evening! 

  • Use simple linens to set your picnic table or your blanket.
  • Clear glasses that catch the candlelight.
  • Move lanterns or candle holders from inside to use outdoors to light up your space.
  • Gather from what’s around you to decorate! Use flowers from your garden, or fresh herbs as a super simple centerpiece that you can place into a mason jar.
  • Light the space with battery powered white Christmas lights or simple string lights.
  • To add to the romance make sure there are a few extra comfy throw blankets available.  
  • Keep bugs away in summer by having a scent-free bug spray on hand.
  • Bring a bluetooth speaker and set the mood with a little music!
Romantic date night music for your picnic date!

Picnic Date Night Essentials

Everything you need to help make you put together the perfect picnic date night! From picnic date food, to our favorite picnic blankets - it's all right here!

Where To Enjoy Your Picnic Date Food

  • Your backyard
  • Enjoy a beach picnic
  • Local park
  • Center of downtown picnic area
  • At a summer concert
  • Next to a river or a lake
  • Where you met (ie: on your college campus)
  • A drive in movie theater (Yes, they still exist)!



Picnic basket on a beach with a couple in the background.

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