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There is more to coastal decor and nautical table decor than just seashells! When designing a coastal themed table for summer entertaining, it’s all about crisp colors, stripes, and an anchor thrown in here and there. It’s easy to put together a nautical inspired table.  Take a look at some of these easy ideas for inspiration!


Stripes & Candles

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My absolute favorite coastal table setting has candles and bright, white rope.  This table setting was easily put together by gathering the following items:

Nautical Table Decor: White scalloped plates with a blue and white striped napkin, a small glass candle holder with a tea light, and shells.

Pinterest pin for Nautical Themed Table Settings including blue and white napkins tied with jute string and seashell.


Blue layered on white

A casual table setting that emphasizes coastal decor is easy as well.  This table is made of white wicker, but you can get the same effect by using a white table cloth underneath the placemats.  What you’ll need:

Nautical Table Decor idea: White table with blue and white striped placemat, a blue napkin and white dishes with sea stars and shells on table.

Making white the star of this coastal table setting

You can take the decor down a notch by focusing on white with only a splash of blue.  Here’s what you’ll need:

Layered napkins in blue

Have you ever thought of using coordinating napkins as part of your table setting? There aren’t any steadfast rules you need to follow! Take a look at the place setting below.  We used white dishes and two different colored napkins to bring out the coastal vibe.  Try gathering these items to imitate this look:

White plates with blue and white striped napkin bound with jute string and decorated with a sea shell

Blue Plates & Jute Napkins

How about we abandon ship with the white plates for just a minute and try a blue plate? How much fun is this place setting? Combining a blue plate and a jute napkin? What you’ll need:

Nautical table settings - Blue plate with orange rim with jute napkin, glass candle holder with candle, and wood utensils. Shells and starfish.


Get a little crafty and nautical table decor can be taken to the next level!

Grommet Napkins – just like sailboats!

I saw these simple napkins with grommets like you see on sailboat sails and I fell in love.  I can’t find them any longer, but it’s SO simple to make your own with the grommet kit below.  Paired with the candle and the simple white roping it soon became another favorite.  Here’s all you’ll need to set this table:



Nautical Table Setting decor - Blue and white napkin with grommet hole and tied with a white craft rope. Glass with unscented white candle.


Red, White, & Blue Nautical Place Setting

It’s not just blue and white that should take center stage with nautical decor.  Bring the red in for a pop of color! Here’s what you need to get the same look:

Nautical Table Settings - decor idea. Red, white and blue. White plate with red rim, blue linen napkin tied with white ribbon and adorned with an anchor charm, and star fish.

Simple white coastal with a pop of color

Gather together your natural colored dishes with a coordinating napkin.  Simply wrap them up together and add a few sea stars.  You’ve got a coastal table!

Nautical Table Decor - white plate, white star fish, white napkin and untensils tied with jute rope and adorned with red star fish.

Anchors Away!

Anchors are a big deal with coastal table settings.  You can use this one as a take home gift as well if you were to write the name of each guest. Gather the following to create a table setting just like it!

Nautical table setting decor ideas. Fishing net cut to size, anchor decor.

A feminine approach to nautical

Raffia is a great material to use for a napkin ring, and in this instance it give the blue striped napkin feminine appeal. Just a few simple steps to put this together.  Here’s what you’ll need:

Nautical table setting decor idea: light blue napkin tied with raffia ribbon and adorned with flowers. Sea stars on the side.

Whatever kind of summer entertaining you’re planning (and I do hope you are), it’s easy to get bring nautical table decor to your table!

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