Beautiful fall tablescape with white dishes, pumpkins, and natural color napkins

Fall Tablescapes & Place Settings


When fall is on the horizon all of my autumn belly flips start.  It’s my favorite time of year.  I probably start thinking about what my fall tablescapes & place settings will look like for the year in June – not kidding.  My friends and family might call it obsessive.  I consider it research, how about you?

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Today we are going to take a look into some fall table decor ideas.  Fall table setting ideas that use what’s natural and abundant around us when this time of year hits.  I’ve included some elegant fall tablescapes as well as more casual options.  All of the tablescapes are meant to inspire your fall table, and I hope you’ll love them!

Easy Ideas for Your Fall Tablescapes & Place Settings

This first simple fall tablescape takes advantage of the colors of autumn to make a striking table setting.  Simply use your fall colored plate to set the scene and top it with a coordinating napkin and a little pumpkin.  

Fall tablescapes & place settings. White tablecloth with white dish topped with dark red dish and a red/orange napkin. Natural twine under a white pumpkin.

Setting a Thanksgiving table that your family and friends will always remember is simple to do with this tablescape.  Simple white pumpkins make a neat row down the center of the dining room table with only simple tea lights and a lantern to kick it up a notch.  Imagine all of those candles lit when you sit down to enjoy your fall harvest!

White table with a simple row of small white pumpkins down the center with candles and acorns. White dishes with a white napkin and acorns with a leaf at each place setting. A black lantern is in the middle of the table.

Perhaps all white isn’t your jam.  You can go for just as festive a feel with this autumn tablescape.  A simple runner, unscented candles, and some darker colored pumpkins is all you’ll need for this perfectly festive natural fall tablescape!

Simple striped runner with darker green colored gourds and candles. Place settings have striped, muted napkins wrapped in twine with a sprig of wheat. Gold flatware.

Thanksgiving table set with pretty fall colors

All the pumpkins!

This right here is my dream Thanksgiving setting, or harvest dinner setting, or pot luck set up for fall.  I love taking white plates and having them fall into the background with all of the pumpkins everywhere.  Think for a second about how really simple this fall centerpiece is.  It’s pumpkins and candles.  The plates are simply adorned with a striped napkin and a sprig of fresh sage.  It’s perfect.

Fall tablescapes & place settings. Pretty farmhouse table with white plates, striped gray napkins with a sprig of sage on each place setting. The featured centerpiece is many different muted colored pumpkins with candles.

Another fall table setting idea is to take gourds, place them into a wooden vessel and add candles.  It’s a way to bring more color into your fall centerpiece for the entire season! Speaking of all season – don’t forget to check out these easy fall sheet pan dinners. Perfect for a crowd or family dinner!

Fall tablescapes & place setting idea: wooden table with gourds and candles in the middle.

A classic look that’s easy to pull off

This next classic look has all the feels of fall, exuding an elegance that makes each guest feel special.  Again, it’s simple to do.  White flower pots, pumpkins, a jute runner, and my favorite white dishes.  Take it from casual to casual elegance with the use of these cut glass crystal champagne glasses, and you’ve set up the perfect table for fall.  What’s even better is that minus the glasses, this is a table setting that could be set up for the entire fall season. 

Fall Tablescapes & Place Settings Inspiration - White plates with light brown napkins topped with a white pumpkin, sage leaves an acorn on a white farmhouse table with white pumpkin centerpiece.

Too many pumpkins for your taste? Take it down to a more casual table setting by adding just a few on top of a pretty runner.  Blue is always my favorite because I love the pop against the white dishes I always use, but any fall color will work perfectly!

Fall tablescapes & place settings - Simple table with blue runner, white dishes, small pumpkins, and sage leaves.

If you’re going for a more colorful palate. this next fall tablescape is the way to go.  It perfectly combines some of the natural elements of the season with candles and warm colors to make you feel at home instantly.  Check out below how to shop for some of these pieces!

Beautiful fall table. Wooden table with simple linen runner. Pumpkins of different colors on top of foliage, and gathered around different sized candles. Woven placemats topped with white dishes and blue napkins adorned with a leaf.

Simple, easy elements pulled together with pops of color. 

Looking for something super simple? This next idea is it.  All of these table setting items can be found in your backyard or at your local craft store.  Pick up some amber colored glasses (I’ve linked to some below), and use a natural placemat.  Your guests will feel welcome, and you’ll leave any entertaining stress behind.

Fall place settings & centerpieces: white tablecloth with natural colored placemats, white dishes, amber colored glasses and gold flatware. Large white pumpkin with white candles and a bouquet of orange mums. along with a wood slab.

Here’s a look at the whole table.  All this hostess did for a centerpiece was add some beautiful fall flowers to a vase for a bit more pop.  I’d eat dinner here any time.  

Fall place settings & centerpieces: white tablecloth with natural colored placemats, white dishes, amber colored glasses and gold flatware. Large white pumpkin with white candles and a bouquet of orange mums. along with a wood slab.

Neutral is always in style

Another one of my favorites.  A simple canvas to start with neutral colors piled on top.  If you were to lessen the amount of pumpkins on this table you could also easily use the same idea for a tablescape for a round table.

Fall tablescapes & place settings. Ecru tablecloth with matching plates topped with darker plates. Silver flatware. Pumpkins, candles, and foliage on a smaller scale as a centerpiece.

Again, simplicity wins out with this table.  Of course you’ll need to use a buffet setting if you choose a fall tablescape like this one.  There wouldn’t be any room for serving dishes.  I love the addition of fall leaves and the gold flatware!  Don’t forget to take a look below to easily find some of the pieces that inspired today’s post!

White tablecloth with black dishes adorned with a white napkin and a leaf at each place setting with gold flatware. A lighter white runner with five pumpkins, candles, and foliage go down the center of the table.

How perfect is this simple table setting idea for Thanksgiving or any other time during the fall season? It’s also perfect for a round table.  A basket holding gourds and pumpkins and a simple orange table cloth set off this simple, elegant and festive scene.

Fall tablescapes & place setting ideas: Simple orange tablecloth with a white runner. Candles and a basket of pumpkins with white/gold rimmed dishes and gold flatware.

This next table setting idea for fall couldn’t be easier.  Pretty deep blue/gray place settings with a pop of bright green in the middle with a linen runner.  It’s a simple way to get festive and keep it simple all at the same time.

Fall Tablescapes & Place Setting inspiration. Blue/gray plates and bowls at each place setting with a green table runner in the middle and darker toned pumpkins. Green glassware.

Fall Tablescapes & Place Settings with Unexpected colors

What I love about this next fall tablescape idea is the use of the light blue and white runner set across rather than down the middle of the table.  The light blue color is also unexpected, and fresh.  

Idea for fall centerpiece - five large, orange pumpkins sit on top of fall foliage and a light blue and white runner placed width wise across the table. There are white plates and a mini pumpkin at each place setting with gold flatware.

Bringing in natural elements is a perfect way to celebrate the season.  These wooden pieces are a perfect compliment to the natural napkins.  They also double as easy hot plates for food.  The dark iron colored flatware sets off the colors perfectly.

- wood table with wood dishes and jute napkin. Iron colored silverware and slices of wood down the center of the table. Mini orange pumpkins on each place setting.

The best part……

The best part about all of these different ideas is that you can resource a lot of what you’ll need for your tablesape from the outdoors or even opt for reusable items which you can pick up at Dollar Tree, Target, or by browsing below.  Many of the items, (minus the pumpkins) can be used year round in other seasonal table setting decor.  For instance, I use jute all year round.  Check out this post for Nautical Inspired place settings.

Fall tablescapes and place settings can be simple and used all season long.  Don’t wait for Thanksgiving to let your fall flag fly! Enjoy every moment of the season!

Check out some of the pieces feature above:



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