– even for the most reluctant of entertainers

I love to entertain.  Having family and friends in my home, and around my table celebrating just about anything is when I’m happiest. I grew up in a home where I watched my mom host gatherings for five to fifty people – all with the same love she had when she made weeknight dinners for our family.  I come by my love for entertaining at home naturally, and I love to throw a good party!

Gathering friends and family may seem a bit overwhelming, and I’ve had some of my own epic fails over the years.  I’ve learned that no matter what anyone tells you, even the simplest of gatherings requires planning.  

At Sweet Humble Home I share my best ideas and tips for easy entertaining. You’ll find everything you need to plan a gathering, from easy recipes and cocktails to theme parties and picnics. Start with the basics, and you’ll be easily entertaining in no time. 

All of this with love from my home to yours.  It’s easy entertaining; because anyone can gather the people they love together for a good time.  


JJ Rose

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