Five ideas for setting your Thanksgiving Table
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Setting a Holiday Table (Top 5 Ideas)


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If I had to pick one thing I love about entertaining at the holidays? Setting a holiday table.  I absolutely love all of the different options, for instance. As a result, I’m going to show you how to set a holiday table five different ways. 

  • Rustic Elegant
  • Casual Festive
  • Traditional Formal
  • Kid Friendly
  • Blue & White Christmas

Thanksgiving table setting ideas:

Setting a holiday table: Rustic Elegant

I love the rustic elegant look.  It combines the sophistication of some traditional pieces along with natural fabrics, and greens.  As a result, you have an elegant table that isn’t too stuffy.

What I also love about this style is that you can source your table settings from a lot of what you may already have in your home.  Plants from inside and greens from outside, a jute runner (if you don’t have one you can find them on Amazon as well as your local Walmart). You could also use flat greens as placemats or slices of wood as was done here.


A Thanksgiving table setting – traditional tablescape ideas:

Setting a holiday table: Casual Festive

I love the look of Casual Festive, and often go this route when setting my holiday table.  It’s clean, it’s bright, it uses my everyday dishes, and it’s kicked up just a bit with real silver pieces.  You can use linen napkins that you already own along with just purchasing a spool of ribbon to hold the pieces together.


Setting a holiday table: Traditional Formal

I’m the first person to tell you that life is too short to keep china in a box.  It should be used and enjoyed regularly.  Every day is special.  I remember mom setting the table with china every Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  It felt like we were being entrusted with something that was only meant to be used on occasion.  Turns out my mother’s china may not be china at all – but regular old dishes.  I still love them and consider them the top dog of her table!  Using traditional, more formal dishes for setting a holiday table is an option many still prefer.


Need ideas for setting a holiday table? I’ve got 5 simple holiday place settings that will make even the most simple table decor pop! Christmas, Thanksgiving? Try one of these simple or elegant, even rustic and kid friendly options! You can DIY all of them! #placesettings, #settingyourtable, #christmas, #thanksgiving, #holidaydecor, #simpleholidaydecor, #DIYdecor

Setting a holiday table: Kid Friendly

There may be pretty glasses on this “kid friendly” table, but when you explain what a privilege it is to use them, most kiddos will treat them carefully.  The chunky style plates and cookie ring napkin holder give this table setting such a joyful feel.  It’s elegant and playful all at the same time!


Setting a holiday table: Blue & White Christmas

I’m a sucker for blue and white, and I find that it’s just that little bit of different from what so many other holiday tables look like.  My son loves to see snowflakes all over the table, and the sparkle of the placemat adds to the magic.  There’s a certain elegance to a holiday table set in a blue and white theme.

There isn’t a right or wrong way to set a holiday table!

No matter what it is you see in the magazines, or at your friends house – there isn’t a right or wrong way to set a holiday table!  I enjoy setting the table because my mom did, and everything I do I learned from her (thankfully).  Perhaps you would rather have a buffet set up and have everything ready for guests to help themselves.  That’s a wonderful option!  I encourage you to find what it is that makes your heart happy and go with it!


What is your Thanksgiving speciality dish?

I’d love to hear about what you love to cook for Thaksgiving, and how you like to set your Thanksgiving table!

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Enjoy your holiday!



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