How to pull off a last minute holiday party - five great tips!
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Last Minute Holiday Entertaining (5 Tips)


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You don’t have to plan months ahead for a holiday party! Holiday entertaining can happen at the spur of the moment too! Use the 5 tips to get you and your home ready for guests in under an hour! Tis the season to be jolly – don’t let anything stop you!

Last Minute Holiday Entertaining – 5 Tips for Success


Do a quick clean up of your home.  I’m not talking about a deep clean.  A quick clean.  What this means to me is wiping all of your kitchen counters down, vacuuming the living space people will occupy, and clean the bathroom they’ll use.  Use a big basket and grab any clutter that’s around and put the basket into a closet.  The house will smell fresh and clean, major areas are guest ready, and you’re set for tip two!



Take stock of your entertaining essentials that you have on hand.  Hopefully you have some different types of cheese in the fridge along with some Italian meats.  Take them out, place them on a pretty platter and add some crackers or breadsticks.  You can always pick these items up on the way home if you don’t have them stocked.  Add some olives, nuts, and a sliced loaf of crusty french bread and you have an appetizer!

How to throw a last minute holiday party.


Set up your bar.  Always keep a couple of good reds, and a couple of good whites on hand.  Open them up to breathe and take out your glasses.  Set up on a side table or a counter if you don’t have a bar.  I use my sideboard for this.  Add a drink dispenser filled with water and lemon along with water glasses to make sure that you have non-alcoholic beverages on hand.

Last Minute Holiday Entertaining can be loads of fun!

Last Minute Holiday Entertaining (5 Tips) - Sweet Humble Home


I ALWAYS have a meal that I have made in advance in the freezer, and I encourage you to do the same.  That way you can come home, preheat the oven, and have a lasagna ready in no time.  If you don’t have a frozen meal at the ready then do something simple for dinner.  This usually equates to a pasta dish for me.  One idea would be my Easy Pasta Caprese Recipe.  Another would be a simple spaghetti and meatballs.

Still another? Grab a couple of rotisserie chickens, a package of pre-made mashed potatoes, and some fresh green beans.  Take the chickens out of the package and place in the oven on warm (depending upon when your guests will arrive), transfer the potatoes to a pretty serving dish after microwaving them, and cook your green beans quickly on the stove tossed in butter, olive oil, and almonds.  Put a dash of canned whole cranberry sauce on the side in a pretty dish.  You’re done and it looks like you’ve been cooking all afternoon!


Put on your favorite playlist, or Pandora on your television to your favorite music setting, light a few candles, pour yourself a glass of wine and enjoy your guests!

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I hope you use these Last Minute Holiday Entertaining (5 Tips)

Happy holidays – xoxo,


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