Gift Guide for Essential Oils

A little about our guest post’s author, Jennifer who has written this Gift Guide for Essential Oils:

Jennifer  is living in the beautiful cool climate wine country of Murrumbateman, NSW (Australia) with her 3 kids and husband Matt. By day, she’s working with clients teaching them to live better and about the benefits about essential oils, and by night she’s keeping the local vineyards in business. Jennifer is the co-owner of Gumtree Prints, and the owner of Gumtree Wellness.  Please, take a look at all she has to offer!

Gift Guide for Essential Oils 

by Jennifer Lyddiard

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Gift Guide for Essential Oils - Sweet Humble Home

I have my hand high for being in the last minute club when it comes to being prepared for the holiday. It’s like I forget that I am actually the adult in the picture now and the magic should just Harry Potter itself under the tree or on the dinner table.  You list makers and task crosser off-ers, I totally envy you! Birthday parties forgotten until the 11th hour, didn’t your mom have a birthday 2 months ago moments and my favourite….the secret Santa catch up. All not even so much as twinkled in my brain until its pretty much go time. I give you my Gift Guide for Essential Oils.

As someone who has used aromatherapy for several years now, I have managed to turn these “oh snap!” moments into what I like to think of as a total super power. Not just because I can whip up a healthy gift in under 10 minutes, but because what I pass on, sometimes in what may appear to be wrapped by a 2 year old, can genuinely be life changing. Not saying socks or a bottle of wine don’t bring all the “wow” feels.  But sharing something that can help keep someones child asleep so they can put their feet up before 11pm, or calm their racing mind and raging hormones so they can enjoy the days moments and the nights rest….you can for sure expect a thank you note from your grateful gift getter.

Gift Guide for Essential Oils - Sweet Humble Home

The short and skinny about essential oils

If you haven’t heard about aromatherapy and how it works for your emotions and well-being, here is the short and skinny.

Essential oils are distilled from the roots, stems, leaves, petals and branches of plants.  These powerful drops work on the limbic region of your brain to help control your emotions, your hormones, your sleep patterns and a ton of other body systems. I usually tell people that oils are not some Shaman in a bottle that will make all your problems “poof” and disappear.  It’s more like they help you see your issues are a David instead of a Goliath.

The super-sized feelings of overwhelm when faced with a complication are greatly reduced when you use the correct oils.  Things are more manageable, there is less cortisol pumping  through your body and heightened emotions drop down to manageable levels.  They enter your blood stream in seconds and reach every cell in your body in just 22 minutes. That last little tidbit is important to keep in mind when you anything and everything on your skin!  Some not so nice chemicals in cleaning and skin care products can have negative long term effects.

The holiday season is in full swing, which means that I am pretty much raiding my stockpile of oils to whip something up super speedy.  I am also going to have my diffusers (all 9 of them…seriously, diffusers are addicted to me) pumping all the keep the sanity oils day and night. Emotions can tend to fly high these months and I’d really like to make sure that I don’t go all “no wire hangers” on anyone.

Whether you are a perfect planner or a miss mix a lot last minute, here are some suggestions on great gift ideas for those that you really love.  Because let’s face it, only those you love really deserve the good stuff.

Gift Guide for Essential Oils - Sweet Humble Home


Gourmet Goodies

  • Cute mug with some hot chocolate and a bottle of Nutmeg or Clove oil
  • A bottle of wine and a roller bottle mixed with Juniper, Peppermint and Copaiba…because hangovers are never fun
  • Small bottle of good quality olive oil with some or all of the following essential oil:
    • -Black Pepper
    • -Oregano
    • -Lemon
    • -Rosemary
    • -Basil
  • A small pretty bowl with some cilantro from the garden and a bottle of Lime – get your guac on!
  • A large, glass water bottle with a bottle of Lemon and Grapefruit as well as a few packs of Ningxia Red. No need to wait until New Years to get your body thanking you.

A Beautiful & Healthy Body

  • Bath bombs made with Lavender oil
  • A mug with some sleepy tea and a spray bottle filled with water, Lavender and Cedarwood oil
  • Roller filled with Valerian and Lavender. Valerian is not the prettiest smelling of oils, but if you roll it on your feet, your nose won’t take as much in but your body will zonk out.
  • A travel set of Thieves Spray (see ya nasty hand yucks), Young Living Shower Base Gel with several drops of Orange and Peppermint for a morning boost or Ylang Ylang and Jasmine for all the nighttime good feels. That’s pretty much the “G” rated description. Young Livings Copaiba and Vanilla shampoo and conditioner. All in a travel sized bottle and slightly diluted with water to make it go just a bit futher.
  • Roller filled with Jojoba oil, Frankincense and Carrot Seed for helping reduce fine line and wrinkles and improve the skin appearance.
  • Glass jar filled with Epsom salts and a few drops of oil along with my empty oil bottles. It’s a sad day when you see the last goodness fall out.  But you can stretch them just a bit more by placing them in your jar of Epsom salts, giving a good shake and letting infuse for a few days.

Clean Home

  • A shaker bottle filled with baking soda and Purification oil – the perfect carpet freshener! I may or may not have even used it as dry shampoo.
  • Ikea glass pump bottle filled with water, Castile soap and Eucalyptus and Lavender oil. A safe and easy hand soap!
  • A large, glass amber spray bottle filled with water and either 10 drops of Thieves oil or Thieves cleaner. This is pretty much all I clean my house with! No harmful chemicals and my immune system is getting a helping hand.
  • Wool dryer balls – super easy to make! Add a bottle of Purification and you will never want to use fabric softener again.

My quickest go to?

A pretty spray bottle filled with water and several drops of Christmas Spirit.  Your tree and home can feel and smell like Santa himself has just moved into your home and brought every gingerbread house on the planet with him.

Everyone likes something different..

My aromatherapy practice sees a wide range of people coming through, all with different likes and dislikes when it comes to smells.  So I rely on a few select oils to bring the calm, keep the cool and make sure all in my space can feel some peace.

The holiday season tends to  ramp up those feelings so I make sure my diffuser is filled with oils like Frankincense, Stress Away, Copaiba, Lavender, Joy and Valor. What’s Valor you ask? Only the second thing I would grab after my kids if my house was on fire. If you are looking for confidence to face some of the biggest challenges, this blend of oils is one of the most powerful tools you can have on hand. It’s part of my daily oil routine and my life is a whole much brighter and happier with it around.

Gift Guide for Essential Oils - Sweet Humble Home

No matter if you stockpile and prepare your holiday sharing by July or have one foot out the door and need something in quick hot second, essential oils can easily be your go to gift and one that even make a world of difference in someone’s life.

And most of all…

Make sure you look after your well-being this season! Not sure where to start, you can email me at [email protected].

A gift for our readers!

For the wonderful followers of Sweet Humble Home who become a Young Living member with a Premium Starter Kit, Jennifer is offering $20 cash back and a free copy of the Essential Oil Guidebook to get all the information of an Aromatherapist into your hands. You also become part of a community that continues to educate and is always at the ready to answer questions. Jump on in here: www.myyl.com/lyddiard
Gift Guide for Essential Oils - Sweet Humble Home

I was so happy to have Jen guest post for me for this Gift Guide for Essential Oils as she is THE expert in my life for essential oils! I hope you check her out over at Gumtree Wellness where you can learn more about natural wellness solutions.  She can also be found at Gumtree Prints.  That’s where you can find the exclusive book, The How To Essential Oil Collection, which she wrote with her colleague and friend Janell.  This book will tell you everything you need to know about using aromatherapy in an effective way.

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I’m always updating my gift guide library, so if you are looking for something specific – please, just let me know!


JJGift Guide for Essential Oils - Sweet Humble Home

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