Clutter Free Gift Guide for The Minimalist

Clutter Free Gift Guide

Some people don’t like extra clutter – even when receiving a gift.  In fact, receiving gifts can sometimes be a source of anxiety for some people.  That isn’t to say that they don’t appreciate your gifts – just that sometimes, it might be helpful to give them gifts that don’t create clutter.  So here it is – your Clutter Free Gift Guide!

  • An Amazon.com gift card is always a good choice.  These gift cards can be used for anything on their website including food, and other necessary items.  The best part? The recipient gets to choose!

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  • Gift cards really are an extra special, clutter free gift card.  Another idea is to give your recipient a gift card for the movies.  Not a trace is left behind!

  • We don’t have a regular babysitter, and I can tell you that a Babysitting Coupon for Free Babysitting would be an AMAZING gift! Your friend gets a night out without the worry of finding care for their little one!


  • Cooking classes would be a wonderful gift for any clutter free friend that you have! They not only learn a new skill, but they don’t have anything to find a place for!

  • A restaurant gift card is another great idea for your minimalist friend! They can enjoy a night out and not have to think about the bill!

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  • I’ve always thought that a book from one of their favorite authors like this #1 best seller is a good gift for someone who doesn’t like clutter.  After they are done reading they can donate the book to so many different places like shelters, Good Will, or even their local library for their annual book sales. There’s just something about gifting an actual book that makes me as happy as the recipient!

  • If you are someone who would rather give an actual gift, comprise a gift out of items that you are sure your recipient will use.  How about items that would make up a “self care” package? A spa package, for example would hopefully remind them to relax and take care of themselves!

  • There are some people that seriously don’t want gifts.  If you still insist on doing something for them how about a donation in their name to their favorite charity? Check out America’s Charities to see if there’s a match.


  • My last pick for my clutter free gift guide isn’t glamorous at all, but sometimes, it’s necessary.  We all have home improvement projects we want to do, so a gift card for a home improvement store along with volunteering to help them complete their project would be a win!

There are so many more!

If you’re ever in need of another idea – reach out to me! I’ve go so many more up my sleeve, and some don’t even cost any money!

What are your favorites?



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