Planning a New Years Eve party at home for your family - how to's and ideas.
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New Years Eve Party Ideas for Families


A countdown to New Years can be just as much fun if you’re staying home this year! These New Years Eve Party Ideas for Families will get you ready to  celebrate with family friendly ideas for the whole family to enjoy!

Here’s what we’ll cover to make your New Years Eve at home special:

  1. Fun decorations for your house that kids will love!
  2. Fun New Years Eve family party games.
  3. Ideas for your very own ball drop.
  4. New Years Eve family dinner & dessert ideas.

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New Years Eve used to mean big parties, and lots of friends, but that has changed for me over the past several years.  My favorite place to be now on New Years Eve is at home with my family.  That doesn’t mean, however; that it isn’t just as much fun as before – it’s just family friendly New Years Eve fun! I’ll show you how I celebrate the new year, and how you too, can have the perfect, easy New Years party in your own living room! 

New Years Eve Party Decorations:

It’s time to get a little messy.  Kids aren’t going to remember a perfectly perfect New Years Eve celebration.  They’re going to remember that mom let them do ALL the things – like make a mess.  Messes can be cleaned up!  Decorate with confetti, balloons, party hats, and noise makers! Useable decorations are always the best in my book – and they aren’t a big investement! It’s easy to set up a party scene in your own living room! 


How about some big balloons to show what year we’re heading to?

 Confetti – you can’t have a New Years Eve party without confetti!

Let them make their own New Years party hats!

 Noise Makers 

Fun New Years Eve Party Games:

There’s a reason that family game night is a thing.  It’s because the connection that comes from spending time with your family without screens in front of your face is proven to be really important to kids developing relationships with their family and with others.  We have an entire cabinet of family games.  There are those that we dread playing (mainly because our kiddo wins so easily and likes to gloat), and those that come to the table time and time again.  For New Years Eve you can use party games you already have, or you can create your own!

Fun New Years Eve Themed Games for Kids:

  • Pop a balloon every hour! Place a note about a happy memory from this year or for a new adventure you’d like to take in the upcoming year!
  • Crazy Resolutions – Have each member of the family talk about what their craziest resolution will be for the new year and write them down – save them and plan on taking them out again half way through the year!
  • Play New Years Mad Libs!

Have your very own New Years ball drop! 

There isn’t any way that a kid won’t remember New Years Eve with their family if you rig up your very own ball drop!  Time it with the television to go off at exactly 12 am or, if the kids are small – set the clock ahead! They won’t know if New Years has actually hit and you can get them into bed at a semi-decent hour! You can follow that up with a glass of bubbly with the hubby and a relaxing end to the evening (and the year). I hope you found these New Years Eve Party Ideas for Families helpful!

Take a look this balloon drop from Amazon.  I’ve ordered one for myself this year and I can’t wait to use it! It has awesome reviews, and can you just imagine dropping all of those balloons into the house on New Years Eve? The kids would LOVE it.  

New Years Eve Family Dinner & Dessert Ideas 

I like to keep it simple when it comes to dinner for the family on New Years Eve.  Here are some of my favorite kid friendly meals to serve:


How to throw a New Years Eve Party at Home - ideas, and tips

However; New Years Eve dinner with the family is also awesome when it’s simply appetizers! Here are a few of my favorite easy appetizers to serve for New Years Eve at home with the family:

Fried Macaroni & Cheese Balls (Easy Appetizer)

Focaccia Mini Pizza Appetizer

Easy Cheese Fondue Recipe

Easy Stuffed Mushroom Appetizer

Desserts for New Years Eve:

There is nothing about New Years Eve at home with your family that should say “boring desserts”.  It’s time to celebrate! Make it super special by putting together a candy bar or, if you think you might watch a movie together that night – a “Concessions” table with movie favorites like Peanut M&M’s and Licorace! Buy some fancy cupcakes and set them out – do whatever you can to make it “party” worthy!

New Years Eve snacks - like a candy bar is so special for a night in with the family!


Whatever you decide to do for New Years Eve – making it special and staying home is an option that your kids will always remember! Starting a New Years family tradition of ringing in the new year will surely be a memory that kids treasure.  Play the fun New Years party games, throw confetti with your little ones, and use those noise makers to celebrate the perfect strat to a new year right in the middle of your living room!



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