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Easy DIY Buffalo Check Fall Centerpiece


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There are lots of trends that come and go, but some, like buffalo check seem like they are here to stay!  It’s everywhere.  There are buffalo check kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, you name it!  This farmhouse look is popular because it’s bold and timeless.  So, I decided to put together an easy DIY buffalo check fall centerpiece.  


You can find buffalo check decor in so many places!

This popular patten can be found in Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, Joanne’s, and even at Target – which is where I purchased all of my pieces!  Each of the pieces I found to put together this buffalo check fall centerpiece I picked up in the dollar bins at the front of the store.  However; you can even find some amazing pieces on Amazon – look at the ones below:

Another plus to buffalo check:

You can use whatever color you want as an accent, and it will match.  Blue is my signature color.  They didn’t have blue, so I picked up this adorable light gray pick up truck accent piece to use with my centerpiece arrangement.  Isn’t it cute? I love it.

Another piece I picked up in Target was a little sign that also had the buffalo check pattern.  It was a part of my three tier tray decor until I used it in my centerpiece.

As you can see – these pieces are fun on their own or grouped together.

How to build a centerpiece

  • Start with a “base”.  The base should be some sort of linen.  In this case I used a strip of burlap that I picked up at Walmart.
  • Add something “live”.  What I used was eucalyptus springs (faux) that I picked up from the Magnolia Home Collection at Target.  The great thing about these is that they aren’t pegged for only one season.  I can use these with different table dressings all year round.  In fact, you’ll probably see them again in other posts.
  • After you’ve laid down your “live” pieces, build from the middle.  I like the rule of threes and I find it aesthetically pleasing.  I always place the tallest piece in the middle and work down on each side from there.
  • Not everything has to be symmetrical.  Sometimes I do place items the same on each side, but often I don’t.
  • Everything in your centerpiece doesn’t have to be the same pattern.
  • Use items that seem to naturally fit with your theme.  I once came across a centerpiece someone had done that included a pillow.  I was so focused as to why a pillow would be on a table that I couldn’t even see the beauty of the rest of what she had done.
  • Combine practical and whimsical.  Although I don’t believe a pillow should be on a table, some would argue what a ceramic truck would be doing as part of my centerpiece.  To me, it doesn’t have a use other than to be decorative – so it works.
  • Use some of what you already have.  You don’t need to go out and buy new items every time you want to update your centerpiece.  I have wooden pieces that I use for multiple seasons.

With all of that in mind I think we’re ready to go.  Here’s a look at my Easy DIY Buffalo Check Fall Centerpiece:

Do you see how simple that was?

Follow the steps above to build your own Easy DIY Buffalo Check Fall Centerpiece and you’ll have something special you can use every year or change up every year!



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