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Put Together a Drinks Trolley Like a Pro!

You’ve decided to turn your home into THE happening spot for an unforgettable shindig, and a drinks trolley or bar cart if you prefer, speaks volumes of your style and is the crown jewel. Fret not, I’ll guide you through setting up a showstopper of a drinks trolley or home bar cart! Snuggle up in your comfiest chair, let’s get those creative juices flowing, and create the ultimate home bar that turns your parties from fun to FAB!

The Starting Point: Pinpointing the ‘Heart’ of your Bar

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Think of your drinks trolley like a character in a story; it needs its perfect setting to shine. So, dive headfirst into your inner detective mode and find the ideal spot in your home that beautifully accommodates your enchanting bar.

Can your guests easily reach it without playing ‘Excuse me’ through the party crowd? Consider the snug corner of your living room that feels just right or that patio that’s always been a canvas for your creative bursts.

If you don’t have a bar cart you can simply designate a shelf or side table in the room, but if you’re looking to up your game a bit and actually purchase a drinks trolley you can look at options like this Pottery Barn Bar Cart (not an affiliate link) for almost $500 or one of these lovely carts that are a bit more budget-friendly:

Whatever your personal style, there’s a drinks trolley out there that will fit your budget. Once you’ve found just the right nook, it’s time to introduce your star elements.

Home Bar Essentials for Your Drinks Trolley:

Let the fanfare roll; let’s unveil our lineup of home bar essentials – the crucial elements that’ll make the magic happen:

1. A Well-Stocked Bar

For our star of the show, begin by selecting an array of time-tested spirits – think vodka, gin, rum, tequila, and whiskey. Don’t forget about wines and beers for those who love to keep things cozy, yet exciting.

2. Mixers and Garnishes: The Perfect Sidekicks for Your Drinks Trolley

With your spirited stage set, it’s time to dive into the enticing world of mixers – soda, tonic water, cola, ginger ale, a variety of fruit juices, and of course, our faithful companions – lemons, limes, and oranges. Top it off with a few snazzy garnishes that always work wonders.

3. Glassware: The Perfect Attire

Next up, glassware! Serving up an unforgettable drink is all about presentation, and that starts with the perfect glass. Ensure you have a smorgasbord of wine glasses, highball glasses, martini glasses, and shot glasses, all waiting to dance into the hands of your eager guests.

4. Bartending Tools: The Magic Wands

With the perfect glass and drink sorted, we turn to the showrunners – our bartending tools. A cocktail shaker, a jigger, a muddler, a strainer, and a bar spoon are the set of magic wands that’ll turn your ingredients into a delightful experience. And let’s not forget the wine opener and bottle opener, ensuring the party never hits a break!

5. The Drink Trolley or Bar Cart and Accessories: Setting the Scene

Finally, we turn our attention to the all-important bar cart. Like a well-arranged set, our bar carts, with a sprinkle of accessories, carry the potential to elevate our party to a whole new level. Let your bar cart charm you into a world of possibilities with its functionality!

The Plot Twist: Setting up Your Drinks Trolley

Time to let your creativity shine, lady! Transform your bar setup into a space that oozes warmth, excitement, and celebration.

Keeping the Temperature Just Right

What’s more unsavory than a warm cocktail? Exactly! So, get your trusty ice bucket and tongs ready, and pre-chill your glasses, because when it comes to cocktails, temperature matters!

Playing the Perfect Hostess

You, my dear, are the star of your show. Brace yourself to manage the bar or, if you’d like to focus solely on mingling, hire a pro to keep those fabulous cocktails flowing! Remember – a “pro” can be a friend from a different friends circle or your favorite bartender from your local pub who is willing to help you out and man your private gig.

β€˜Craft-A-Tale’: Invoking Creativity at Your Bar Cart

Transparently speaking – invite your esteemed guests to dabble in mixology and let them create their signature cocktails. You never know, you might end up unearthing some unique flavor fusions that become sacred to your parties!

The Unexpected Guest: Mocktails

Not to be outdone by their boozy friends, mocktails are a must-have for your drinks trolley! Beyond the world of intoxicating liquors, lies the unexplored exciting territory of the delightful mocktails. Because, hey, not everyone enjoys a buzzed chat, and the youngsters enjoy feeling all grown-up with a classy glass in their hand. So, let’s roll out the red carpet for all with an intoxicating array of mocktails!

From the tantalizing fruit juice blends, aromatic herbs and syrups, fizzy ginger ales and sodas, tempting garnishes, and yes, the right glassware and ice, your mocktails won’t be just an ordinary glass of juice. They’re concoctions of laughter, tales, and memories minus the alcohol!

And there you have it, ladies! Now equipped with all the expertise, lay out a home bar setup that not only takes your guests’ breath away but keeps the party buzzing all night long. Are you all ready to dazzle at your next get-together with your stunning home bar cart, that inspires not lead-footed small talk, but heartfelt laughter, banter, and a ton of beautiful memories?

Raise your glass, and here’s a heartfelt toast to making simple beautiful! 🍸



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