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Summer Entertaining Essentials (Top 10 Must-Haves)


I’ve rounded up some of the best summer entertaining essentials out there, just for my readers! I used to think that summer entertaining essentials would simply be a grill and some paper plates – boy was I wrong! Time to step up your summer entertaining game!

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Tablecraft Galvanized Beverage Tub

I always use a beverage tub – it keeps everything iced cold (because who wants a warm drink in the summer).  Not only does it fancy things up a bit, but it also makes it easy for guests to see what their choices are!

 8 Section Appetizer Platter on Ice With Lid

Sometimes even the best plans need to be kept on ice for a little bit while guests are arriving and the party is starting.  This platter keeps your appetizers at proper temperature, which can be a real help in the summer!

Summer Entertaining Essential – Melamine Tableware – Set of 4 by Craft & Kin

I adore this set of melamine dishes.  The wood grain is so different, and the plates being shaped “imperfectly” makes them a winner!

Sometimes the essentials are something you never knew you needed!

Fox Run Butter Spreader with Built-In Cover

If there is one thing I’ve learned since moving to Florida and there being TWO seasons for fresh corn it’s that you need one of these little guys.  The butter doesn’t melt as fast, and this one has a COVER!

There is nothing like a pretty tablecloth to bring any table up a notch when entertaining, and I just love this Vintage Tablecloth from Everyday Kitchen!  The Craft & Kin plates above go so well with this tablecloth!


A beverage dispenser is absolutely essential for summer entertaining! I love that you can label what is inside each dispenser.  My guests have always loved that! Such a great price, too!

These Simply Genius reusable & collapsible (6 pack) of Pop-Up Mesh Food Covers are perfect for keeping your food safe from critters when you’re dining al fresco!

Utensil Holder by Mindspace is a must for every outdoor entertaining event this summer! Most of our summer entertaining events are outside – so why not have something you can put everything in at once and take with you?

We have this Set of 4 Outdoor Waterproof Pillar Candles with timers on our back porch and let me tell you – I LOVE them!  Even outdoor spaces can step up the ambiance. Using these will help you set the party mood for outdoor entertaining.  

Games, games, games!

Lastly, I really think games are a good way to get all of your guests into the mood to party!  It gives them a way to interact without having to come up with a lot of conversation.  Games naturally bring people together.  Here are my recommendations:

This Giant Wooden Toppling Tower from GoSports is a go-to for us!

We love cornhole! This GoSport Solid Wood Cornhole Set comes in tailgating size – so it will fit into almost any entertaining space!


This Yard Games Giant 4 Connect is in my basket as I write this – I’ve been holding out – but I think it will round out our outdoor games nicely! Who doesn’t love a good game of 4 Connect?

So there you have it – all of the Summer Entertaining Essentials – your top 10 must-haves!  I know that we plan on having a whole lot of fun this summer with outdoor entertaining!  How about you? I’d LOVE to hear from you what your outdoor entertaining essentials are for summer!




Summer Entertaining Essentials - Top 10 Must-Haves Sweet Humble Home

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  1. I do a fair share of entertaining and I love your suggestions! The dip dish on ice will be perfect for putting appetizers out before your guests arrive so you don’t have to worry about it as they are arriving. Also, loved the drink dispenser! How festive will it look with a bright drink in there!

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