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Virtual Play Date Parties


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Kids are quarantined to their homes right now like the rest of us, and social distancing is really important.  However, it doesn’t have to be all about virtual field trips and home schooling! Children need a social outlet just like us adults – and virtual play date parties will help them connect with their friends during a time when it’s really important! Plan one of these virtual play date parties today!


Virtual Play Date Parties – How to plan the perfect virtual  play date for the kids during a time when they can’t get together.

Can you imagine being an 8-year-old with energy coming out of your eyeballs and all of a sudden you no longer see your classmates or friends? Let me tell you – I know you can – and I’m right there with you.

Kids are going stir crazy, and although we do our best to provide everything they need along with whatever we can find to make their time at home more fun, and interesting – nothing compares to time with their friends. Having virtual play dates during this time will help keep the kids from being bored, will allow them to connect with friends, and best of all – are lots of fun!

Planning a Virtual Play Date - Sweet Humble Home

Virtual Play Date Party Ideas:

  • Pancakes & Pajamas Virtual Party Play Date
    • Find a really cute downloadable party invitation and mail them out to the kids through their parent’s email.
    • Make pancakes ahead of your party.
    • Have fun toppings available
    • Let kids stay in their pajamas (or put them on early depending upon the time of your party)
    • Prepare to play a few of these games from Kids Craft Room that center around pancakes.  They’re especially fun for little ones!
    • Have a “Most Creative Pancake” contest, where kids create their most creative pancake and present it to the group.  Kids pick the winner!
    • Let the kids just talk, “play”, tell stories, and simply enjoy each other!

You can use any idea you have – you only need to get parents on the same page!

  • Ice Cream Party Play Date
    • Order up some sundae toppings and let their creativity run wild!
    • Ask the kids to share with others what ice cream flavor is their favorite, and why
    • Play the movie – Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory
    • If this virtual play date is for little ones – try starting the party by having a parent read the book: Should I Share My Ice Cream by Mo Williams.  It’s a great way to get a little learning in while the kids are having fun!


  • Movie Night Virtual Party Play Date
    • Connect kids on FaceTime, Zoom, or Skype
    • Make sure to pick a movie that the kids enjoy and that parents have access to.
    • Print out a “movie ticket” that each kid receives a day or two in advance of the party.
    • Set up your living room with cushions and blankets on the floor.  Make it comfortable!
    • Plan for movie night snacks to be available like popcorn and candy. (Check out this recipe for caramel corn)!
    • Have a countdown to start the movie at the same time!


Not a cub scout? That’s ok! Anyone can have a camping party!

  • Cub Scout Virtual Camping Party 
    • Are you a proud Scout mom?  Send out a “camping” invitation!
    • Set up a tent inside or out – if you don’t have a tent, have the kids build a fort.
    • In advance, email out a copy of the steps to complete an extra belt loop (just in case someone doesn’t have access to their book).
    • Gather the materials needed for the loop (make it one that uses every day materials that are easy to come by).
    • Have the boys (and girls) work on the belt loop together!
    • Have the scouts tell time proven scout jokes or stories from one of the books below.
    • Make s-more’s in the oven using this recipe – and end the night sharing some stories!
    • You could even make some hot cocoa


How about a book party?

  • Book Party Virtual Play Date  
    • Send out an invitation that looks like a library card.
    • Decide on a book or books from the Don’t Let the Pigeon series to read.
    • The kids can watch the parent read or read along with the book if they have it.
    • Make up an activity that the children can play together virtually like a craft or project. 
    • After the book is read, and you have completed a craft like this one, which is a paper plate craft designed by Glued to My Crafts Blog.  
    • Each parent can play an episode of Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems – and they can learn how to draw the characters!


  • Explorer Party Play Date 
    • Base your explorer party play date on a place that the kids are studying about through their school work!
    • Plan an activity that is based in the area that the kids are exploring.
    • Take a virtual field trip together to a museum or outdoor discovery center!

Ideas are endless….

The different themes for play date parties really is endless, and I could go on and on, but you’ve got the idea! Let me know what you come up with – or if you need a hand with another idea – I’m happy to help! 

An added benefit? Kids can expand their friend base.

A dear friend pointed this out after reading the post.   And he’s right.  When you connect kids with kids that they may not have already been friends with – you have the opportunity to expand their circle of friends.  Wouldn’t that be a wonderful outcome to all of this?  I think so.

Resources for Virtual Party Play Dates:

Free trial of Netflix

Free trial of Disney Plus


How to use Skype

Stay healthy – xoxo,


How to Plan A Virtual Play Date Party Today! Sweet Humble Home

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