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Last Minute Halloween Party Treats

Last Minute Halloween Treats

I don’t like having too much candy around the house.  A little here or there as a treat is ok, and I do let my son eat it.  We don’t usually have much, and truth be told, after the rush of the holiday, my son is only interested in the candy for a day or so.


We don’t give out candy any longer.

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For the past couple of years I haven’t purchased candy to hand out at Halloween.  I’ve made little treat bags.  There isn’t a piece of candy in them, they are super cheap to make, and there aren’t any leftovers for mommy to snack on. (BONUS). The best part – if you are invited somewhere with kids during the Halloween season you can pack up a few and look like the hero. And, if you are hosting a Halloween party you can make large amounts for very little cash.


I keep supplies very simple for my last minute Halloween treats.  Why? Because usually, I’m putting them together last minute, and I’m not about to go all super crazy on making them perfect.

I start with bags like these which were .98 for 15 bags from Walmart:

Last Minute Halloween Treats - Sweet Humble Home

I fill each bag with one of each of these little “treasures”.  Each bag of 8 was .98 cents.

Last Minute Halloween Treats - Sweet Humble Home

The bag gets tied up with some kitchen twine and I’m done!  The kids love them, they cost me practically nothing to make, and I don’t have to feel guilty about contributing to anyone’s dentist bill!  It’s a win win.

Another bonus – you can use them as part of your Halloween decor if you get them done early 😉 and get started on some easy Halloween cookies with the kids! Halloween should be a stress free holiday.  It should be easy going and fun.



Last Minute Halloween Treats

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