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Virtual Happy Hour (5 Easy Steps)




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With stay at home orders sweeping the world we need to take certain precautions to stay safe. The best thing we can do during this pandemic is stay home. Stay home with your family. Stay out of the stores, pubs, restaurants. Just stay home. You know the best part, though? You can still connect with friends by hosting a virtual happy hour!

5 Easy Steps to Set Up Your Virtual Happy Hour

Just because you are staying home does not mean that you need to sacrifice the connections you have with the people you love. And – believe it or not – it doesn’t mean that you can’t entertain. You just need to change up how you do it!

No matter if you’re staying home with the kids and are now teaching full days, or you simply need to work from home, you need a break at the end of the day – and a virtual happy hour is the way to do it.


So let’s figure out exactly how to get this virtual happy hour started!

  1. Set up a Zoom meeting and invite your friends. Make sure they get a link in enough time for your meeting.
  2. Send out a cocktail recipe for everyone to try should they want to made with easy ingredients that you most likely have in the house already.
  3. Have everyone make their favorite snack.
  4. Send each friend three “hot topics” to bring up during the call (make sure they’re all different).
  5. Find a comfortable space in your home that you can wind down with your friends for your virtual happy hour! (By the way – the general rule of thumb should be putting aside at least two hours….happy hour is NEVER just an hour)!

How to Host a Virtual Happy Hour with Friends - Sweet Humble Home

I have friends around the globe. In fact, I even have a friend who has had to extend his vacation in New Zealand because he and his husband couldn’t fly home. (I’ve seen photos – I can’t say I’d be sorry to be stuck there). In fact, they should bring me next time.  I can, however; connect with him via FaceTime or Zoom!

By organizing a virtual happy hour you get the chance to reconnect with friends at a time when connections seem really important.

More ideas for your virtual happy hour:

  • Moderate a game of trivia with your friends.
  • Have a cocktail competition where each person develops their own pandemic themed cocktail.
  • Start planning your next weekend getaway.
  • Decorate the room you’ll be taking the virtual happy hour in after your favorite pub or college hangout.
  • Make a rule that nobody can use the word Coronavirus – the first to do it picks up the tab for the first round when you’re all together again.
  • Show up with 80’s inspired hair.
  • Turn on the music and have a virtual dance party with the tunes that were popular back in college.

Now, more than ever it’s important to keep your connections strong. It’s imperative we reach out to friends and family we may have lost touch with and catch up. Use a virtual happy hour to do just that.


Don’t stop hosting virtual happy hours when things get back to “normal”.

Schedule quarterly happy hours! Pen it into your planners and use this whole time as a lesson to stay in touch with the people you love.



PS: Take a look at some of the cocktail recipes and appetizers that you can plan to make for your next virtual party! You could even try this Margarita Recipe for One or for a Crowd by the Pioneer Woman!


Throw a Virtual Happy Hour for friends even when we're all in quarantine! - Sweet Humble Home


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