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Hot Cocktails for Winter

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It’s coming on winter, and with that comes some of my favorite tastes of the season.  When I was introduced to these Hot Cocktails by Cask & Kettle I was so excited! These aren’t your regular hot toddy cocktails, or the hot buttered rum we’re all familiar with.  Cask & Kettle has made it super convenient to enjoy a hot cocktail for one! Kcups with Booze? Yes, please!

Recently I was contacted by Cask & Kettle to see if I would like the opportunity to review their product, and I was happy to do it! They sent me five different flavors, and boy has it been fun testing! I have a favorite, but I’ll save that until the end.

Sponsored Post: I recieved this product for free.  All of my thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.

How do these boozy kcups work? 

This couldn’t be easier! Everything you need is right inside the kcup!

  1. Take one out of the package.
  2. Add the pod to your Keurig or open the pod and pour it into a mug.
  3. Start the Keuring or pour over 6-8 oz of water
  4. Enjoy!

That’s literally it.  Now, you can fancy yours up a bit – and I did that as well.  I add a little half and half to mine depending on which cocktail I choose.  For the mint patty I also add a little whipped cream.  You can get as creative as you want!  Here’s a hint – you can also enjoy these cocktails iced! I have recently enjoyed an iced Spiked Dry Cider!



Hot Cocktails for Winter (Flavors from Cask & Kettle):

There are several different flavors to try! My favorite, as promised? The Mint Patty.  Followed closely by the Irish Coffee.  Love them both! However; every one of them is good! It all depends on what type of flavor you’re looking for that day!

  • Mint Patty Coffee – Add a little cream or half and half and you have the perfect holiday brunch cocktail!
  • Irish Coffee – Exactly what you’d expect – I add a bit of Irish Creme to mine!
  • Mexican Coffee – This version has chocolate tastes and is really best enjoyed straight up.
  • Hot Blonde Coffee – With the Hot Blonde I added a bit of cream.  Delicious!
  • Spiked Dry Cider – Fabulous on it’s own!

#sponsored How to make Cask & Kettle cocktails

Ideas for using the Cask & Kettle Pods:

  • Make them part of your Christmas brunch set up! 
  • Give them as a hostess gift! The packing is really super nice, so all you need to do is add a bow to the top! Your hostess will thank you!
  • Perfect for an adult stocking stuffer.
  • Great for tailgating! 

Imagine an adult drink right in a kcup ready to be brewed in your keurig! These portable little gems are perfect for sharing, or for keeping for yourself as a ready made treat! Honestly, give them a try.  They’ll be a regular

Tips & Tricks

Hot cocktails for winter couldn’t be easier!

  • Use no more than 8 oz of hot water.  The 6 oz setting will give you a stronger drink.
  • Add a touch of Irish Creme to the Irish Coffee to give it even more kick (so good).
  • You can enjoy these cocktails iced as well! Recently, I iced the Dry Cider version to take with me on an after dinner walk with my husband! These hot cocktails for winter – they aren’t just for winter.  You can enjoy them all year long with a little ice!

How to make Cask & Kettle hot and boozy holiday cocktails! #sponsored

Check them out!

You can find out where to purchase these fabulous boozy kcups by visiting the Cask & Kettle website here.  


Sponsored Post: I recieved this product for free.  All of my thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.

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