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Planning A Mother’s Day Brunch

It’s time to celebrate Mothers Day! Planning a Mother’s Day brunch is the perfect way to celebrate the special moms in our lives.  Keep it simple with these easy Mother’s Day recipes.  Make it pretty with these Mother’s Day decor ideas, and let the good times roll with mom with all the other tips and tricks I’ve gathered to help make your Mother’s Day Celebration Brunch just perfect.

Mother’s Day Brunch Decor

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I think the prettiest decor for Mother’s Day is something simple and sweet.  Take a look at what Britni from Play Party Plan did for her Mom’s Helping Mom’s Mother’s Day Party.  Pretty pinks and floral designs sets a beautiful space for her table of treats for mom.  I think it’s perfect when planning a Mother’s Day brunch to include decor like hers!

TIP:  It’s always a good idea to use unexpected places for decor or food!

Britni also put together this adorable dessert table that doubles as decor, and I love it.  When you can have something, anything at your party do double duty, you’re in a good place.  Her Mother’s Day Pamper Party looks like a lot of fun.

Mother's Day Pamper Party Dessert Table

Guide to Planning a Mother's Day Brunch - Sweet Humble Home


Table Settings

When you are thinking about decor for your Mother’s Day Brunch, you need to consider table settings.  Personally, I like to keep table settings simple and adorned with fresh flowers for this holiday. Here are some inspirations for perfect Mother’s Day table settings.

Mother's Day Brunch Table Setting - Sweet Humble Home

TIP:  Keeping your table simple and adding pops of color help to set the mood when planning your Mother’s Day brunch!

Mother's Day Brunch Table setting - Sweet Humble Home















Mother's Day Brunch Table Setting - Sweet Humble Home








Brunch has some of the best recipes that make it perfect! When you plan a brunch instead of a breakfast or dinner you allow yourself the flexibility of bringing in so many different types of food.  You can even mix foods from different cultures.  It’s a magnificent way to celebrate with food.

Mother's Day Brunch: The Best Recipes for Your Party

Use these brunch recipe ideas to create the perfect brunch for that special mom in your life!

Mother’s Day Drinks

I stick by my “two good reds and two good whites along with a signature cocktail” to stock your bar, however; that signature cocktail should have a little special pizazz to it for Mother’s Day.  Here are some of the best ideas I’ve found:

These Orange Creamsicle Mimosas from Lori at Who Needs a Cape look divine – and so festive!

Orange Creamsicle Mimosa

TIP:  Use a signature drink to show mom that you really know what she likes!

The ladies at Sustain My Cooking Habit have a wonderful Lucious Peach Bellini that I can’t wait to try!

Mother's Day Drinks - Sweet Humble Home

This Mama Cooks shared her recipe for a White Wine Cocktail that looks like it might make it to my regular rotation!

Mother's Day Cocktails - Sweet Humble Home

TIP:  Set up your bar away from the food.  It will give guests a chance to mingle and not feel stuck at a table!

Crayons & Cravings has an awesome Raspberry Lemonade Mimosa that I think you may want to try before Mother’s Day!

Mother's Day Cocktails - Sweet Humble Home

Alicia at Will Cook for Smiles (love that blog name) shared her Peach Bellini recipe – and I’m already adding the ingredients to my shopping list!

Mother's Day Cocktail Recipes - Sweet Humble Home

Themed Idea for Mother’s Day Brunch

Now, if you want to keep things really simple, yet super special – try this “Pretty in Pink Cereal Bar” done by Fantabulosity – Jessica is a master at her craft, and this would certainly be a fantastic Mother’s Day celebration!

Mother's Day Brunch - Sweet Humble Home

Take-Home Gifts

If you have more than one mom attending your Mother’s Day party, send them each home with a little something special in the form of a take-home gift. Tt’s always nice when planning a Mother’s Day brunch or any other party to give your guests a little token of your appreciation for sharing the day with you! Here are my top suggestions:

  • A simple bouquet of market flowers from the grocer or your backyard.  They’ll remind her all week how much you care!
Mother's Day Take-Home Gifts - Sweet Humble Home
  • A basket of homemade treats that she can enjoy after going home.  Each bite will remind her of how special her day was and how much you cared.

Looking for the perfect gift for Mother’s Day? Take a look at these gift guides to find the perfect give for Mother’s Day!

Take a little time and plan out your Mother’s Day Brunch buffet!  She’ll enjoy the effort you put in, and you’ll make memories to last a lifetime!  



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