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Ultimate Gift Guide for Young Chefs


Does your kid like to cook or do you know one who does? My little guy loves to cook, and I love to teach him.  One of his favorite recipes are my Peanut Butter Balls  –  they’re legendary (I promise).  This Ultimate Gift Guide for Young Chefs will give you some great ideas for the budding chef in your life!

The Complete Cookbook for Young Chefs by Cooks Illustrated

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My husband and I have been longtime fans of Cooks Illustrated and America’s Test Kitchen.  I’ve tried over one hundred of their recipes, and trust their reviews.  When I found this cookbook I knew we had to have it!  It will give your young chef some fantastic recipes (and techniques) to try!


Curious Chef Child Chef Textile Set

Seeing a kid cook getting ready to work in this little outfit is too cute for words! They’ll enjoy every moment of spending time in the kitchen with this set! It comes in several different colors, too!

Ultimate Gift Guide for Young Chefs - Sweet Humble Home

Curious Chef 30-Piece Chef Caddy Collection

Everything in this collection is the perfect size for little hands, and they’ll have their own set of every tool you use in the kitchen!

Tovla Knives for Kids 

These knives are safe for kids to use (with adult supervision, of course).  They have non-slip handles, and help kids to gain a little more independence in the kitchen.

TruChef KIDS Cut Resistant Gloves

If you would still be worried about your child being cut by a knife (I am), pick up these cut resistant gloves as well.  It’ll give you an extra layer of protection for your little one.

16-Piece Cupcake and Decorating Kit

Do you have a kid who is more interested in baking? Check out this kit.  It has everything they need to get started!

Our Family Recipes Journal

My mom has a pink journal type book where she keeps all of our family favorites.  These recipes are ones that I’ve called her for on more than one occasion.  How nice is this family recipe journal.  As you and your child create recipes together enter the favorites right into the journal.  It becomes a keepsake they can pass on to their children.

This Ultimate Gift Guide for Young Chefs wouldn’t be complete without the next item!

Step Stool for Kids, Adjustable Height Toddler Learning Stool

My friend has one of these for her child, and since the first time I saw it I knew I missed the boat on a safer way to have my guy help me in the kitchen.  Her son loves it – and they use it all the time.  It puts him at just the right height to help!

Curious Chef Kids Child Chef Mitt Set

Little hands need to be protected – and these little mitts can do the job (only with adult supervision).

Curious Chef Hand Mixer

I just can’t with this little mixer.  I love the Curious Chef line (obviously), and this hand tool is no different. A safe way for kids to take an active part in food prep!


So there you have it – the Ultimate Gift Guide for Kid Chefs! An all-in-one ultimate guide to what every young chef needs to get their journey with cooking started!
Do you have any products that you love to use with your kids? Let me know – I’m always on the lookout!
Ultimate Gift Guide for Young Chefs - Sweet Humble Home

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