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7 Amazing Warm Christmas Morning Punch Recipes to Try This Year


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These Christmas morning punch recipes are perfect for serving a crowd this holiday season! The best part is you can serve alcoholic or non-alcoholic versions of these Christmas punch recipes for your party!

7 Amazing Warm Christmas Punch Recipes to Try This Year

Classic holiday drinks are a must this year, and Christmas Punch is a classic choice that gives a retro vibe to your holiday party! We are all looking for the comfort of Christmas’ past.  I’m going to share my favorite recipes for holiday cocktails that are made as a punch, and are served warm (they are perfect for Christmas morning).  Here’s the rundown:

  1. English Christmas Punch
  2. Hot Buttered Rum
  3. Hot Apple Cider Spiked with Rum
  4. Tom & Jerry
  5. Mulled Wine
  6. Classic Wassail Punch
  7. Hot Toddy

Classic holiday drinks from Christmas Morning Punch to a vintage Rum Punch all have a place at my holiday gathering (can you just taste the Christmas Morning Punch at a holiday brunch)?? However; a warm Christmas punch, ready made holiday drink for guests really sets a festive mood – and is less work for the host! 

English Christmas Punch  

This can be a real show stopper!  This old fashioned holiday punch is often presented with a flame on top! (Non-flame version is just as good – although perhaps not as exciting).  This delicious classic uses wine, tea, rum, and juice and the flame is created by igniting the rum prior to adding it into the punch.  The recipe I use is the one from The Daily Tea from a few years back. Here’s a tip: the recipe doesn’t call for it, however; I still add sliced oranges to enhance the flavor and tell guests a little bit about what’s inside.  


Hot Buttered Rum 

Fresh apple cider. Rum. Butter. Brown Sugar.  Cinnamon.  

It just doesn’t get any more festive than that, does it? This classic holiday drink is perfect for batch making into a punch. You can get a copy of my recipe in my e-book Holiday Sips! It’s the best recipe I’ve tasted – and guests rave about it!

Hot Apple Cider Spiked with Rum

This crowed pleaser is present at all of my parties starting in the fall, and it disappears every time! It’s warm, it’s cozy, it has all of the holiday feels.  This recipe for Hot Apple Cider Spiked with Rum is the perfect addition to any holiday gathering.  Big or small!

Tom & Jerry

This vintage cocktail would be perfect for a retro inspired vintage cocktail hour! Here’s a bit of history about this warm Christmas cocktail: it dates back to 1800’s America! The Tom & Jerry cocktail is best when it’s shared with your loved ones around holiday time! Check out this video that explains exactly how to make it! 


This punch bowl is perfect for Christmas morning punch! It comes with 8 punch glasses, which is fantastic!

Mulled Wine

Mulled wine is a seasonal favorite.  This Christmas cocktail recipe that has stood the test of time. Mulled wine has been around for centuries, and for good reason.  It’s warm and it’s got all the spices of the season. This slow cooker mulled wine cocktail tops off whatever holiday you celebrate! Check out my recipe (it’s foolproof)!

Classic Wassail Punch

History tells us that way back in the day people used to be handed a mug of wassail when they finished caroling! That sounds like a win to me! Wassail Punch is made of different seasonal fruit juices and rum.  The best collection of wassail recipes I’ve ever come across are is from Delishably and can be found here!



Hot Toddy

Feast your eyes on this beauty.  The classic Hot Toddy.  Prepared in the past to tend to winter sickness, the Hot Toddy is a classic holiday cocktail that gets it right every time. Ingredients for this cocktail include rum, honey, lemon, and cinnamon sticks.  Take a look at the recipe in my Holiday Sips e-book!

Warm Hot Toddy with Lemon Bourbon and Spices

Always include a warm Christmas punch in your holiday drink roundup!

Punches are some of the most sought after recipes for alcoholic Christmas drinks.  Include them in your retro holiday party menu, or even for a small holiday gathering so you don’t have to man the bar all night (always one of my top entertaining tips).  Enjoy your holiday!




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