Top 10 Best Hostess Gifts Under 30

Top 10 Best Hostess Gifts Under $30


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There is something about gathering friends and family around a table.  Breaking bread together and sharing stories. Usually, when someone hosts a gathering  it’s because they love to do it.  They love to cook, entertain, and be close to the people that matter most.

If someone has invited you to their home for a special dinner, bringing a token of your appreciation for all of their hard work is not only polite, but it shows your host or hostess that you care to make their day as special as they are hoping to make yours.

Top 10 Best Hostess Gifts under $30

1. Who doesn’t love something personalized? This Personalized Family Name Thanksgiving Platter is fun and classy at the same time!

2. How about this? Every person that I know who entertains puts out cheese as an appetizer at some point.  And this Bamboo Cheese Board Set with cutlery in slide out drawer is compact too for those short on space! (I love anything with multiple levels).

3. If you know that your host loves a certain scent, pick it up for them!  Every time they light the candle they’ll think of how much they love you.

Making it personal takes another of our top spots!

4. Bringing it back again to personalization – how about a cutting board that is engraved for your host?

5 Every host or hostess needs a little downtime after entertaining such a big crowd.  How about a little tea for when they finally have a chance to put their feet up?

6. Linen Napkins are always something that your host will need for future entertaining.  A beautiful set of linen napkins would be appreciated and cherished.

7. A beautiful vase filled with fresh flowers make for a thoughtful and traditional gift.

8. If they love to entertain, they love to cook – generally. Gifting the host a beautiful cookbook wrapped in brown paper packing tied with butchers twine would be a gift they wouldn’t soon forget receiving.

9. Wine is always appreciated and always well deserved.  If you’re going to pick up a bottle of wine, dress it up with a pretty bag that the hostess can use again either to dress her own table or to wrap a bottle for another friend.  This pretty bag from Hallmark is perfect.  Elegant with a touch of sass!

10. A home cook who loves to entertain will always be excited about trying new oils in their creations!  Try to find a trio of oils that reminds you of some of the meals that they have cooked for you to make it even more special!

Remember the most important part….

Topping off a beautifully wrapped hostess gift with a heartfelt, handwritten card is the right thing to do.  Remember, anyone can run to the store and pick up a gift.  The trick to the best hostess gifts – make them personal and take the time to tell your hostess how very blessed you feel to have been included in their celebration.

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Top 10 Best Hostess Gifts Under $30

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