Using Plants for Favors (One of the nicest gifts to give guests)


Using plants for favors is one of the nicest gifts to give guests.  Mini plants as favors give the recipient something useful, and live plant party favors and centerpieces are, quite simply, super pretty.  Today, Clarisse Silo, from Comfort Plants will help us look at the way to use these potted plants succulents as party favors!

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If you are looking for a unique party favor that is something guests can enjoy after the party, and does not break the bank, succulents are the right choice, and using plants for favors is always a hit! Succulents are plants that have fleshy thick leaves which they use to retain water, especially in places with arid climates.  These plants are really easy to take care of.  Succulents are now being used as table setting markers and people are not regretting their decision to do so. Here are just some of the reasons why.

I once attended an occasion where succulents were the table centerpiece and to be honest, I found it really unique only, but after some time, I now find that making them as table centerpiece is such a great idea and since this is not very common yet, It would really be great to give your guest or visitors the first time experience of eating their meal while having a succulent as their table centerpiece, this could even be used as your topic during your meal. 

Beautiful oval shaped ceramic pot with pastel colored succulents used as a centerpiece

Succulents are easy to care for!

Some events can last quite a while and if you have flower arrangements as your centerpiece, they can be quite depressing to see when they have already wilted leaves when the event is only halfway through. But with succulents, they will feel at home during events and won’t wilt even after it has ended. 

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 Succulents are beautiful as centerpieces.

Succulents are truly beautiful plants that make for breathtaking centerpieces. Their thick petals and texture just make them look lovely. Aside from that, there are also different types of succulents with various shapes and colors that you can mix and match to make a one of a kind centerpiece.

Plants for favors have endless arrangement possibilities!

Succulents have countless varieties with different textures, shapes, and sizes plus there are numerous decorative pots that you can plant them in which can definitely help make them look even more appealing. If there is room for a flower arrangement, there is definitely room a succulent arrangement. This is basically placing different succulents together in a single pot making sure that they will be grouped together accordingly (which means that the plant grouped together will have the same needs of water, condition of sunlight and is fine with them being placed among other succulents).  Add a name tag to each mini plant favor and you have diy succulent party favors!

Beautiful succulent with the name Amber Rose clipped to the front of the jute wrapped

Plants as party favors are the gift that keeps on giving!

Cut flower centerpieces or favors wilt and die within days of your event. Sharing succulents as a take-home gift is a really great idea. I once attended an event where they gave out succulents as a thank you to all those who attended. It was really a memorable take-home gift. Succulents are really easy to take care of which makes them an ideal plant for people who haven’t had luck in the past keeping plants alive. Additionally, you can propagate new plants easily! Plants for party favors are always a good idea!

Succulents as your table setting decorations as I mentioned earlier can be arranged in any way you want. There are specialized pots that you can use especially for these succulents that make them look more beautiful which makes them really great to have. They can be used on different occasions such as these:

Different Occasions to Use Plants for Favors

Plants for wedding favors or baby showers:

We all know that weddings are a very important part of our life and we would like everyone that we love to be there to witness it and have fun, however; financially it can really put a hole in your pocket. Having succulents as a centerpiece or using these plants for wedding favors is a really great way to save money that won’t look like you are on a budget. These mini plant wedding favors are not only pretty, but they are useful wedding favors.  Place a name tag with a table number on each plant and you have beautiful escort cards!

If you choose the right type of succulents and you choose the right pot, you can make a succulent arrangement look more expensive than it actually is. There are various types of succulents that you can choose from that you can mix together in one large pot or you also have the option to place them in similar separate pots. Live plant party favors are not only a well thought out take home gift for guests, but succulent party favors keep giving!

Dinner party take-home gifts:

If you are the hostess, the pressure is on you to create a memorable evening. If you are looking for a simple centerpiece that can be placed on your dining table, use a succulent! Plants for favors make a special evening even more special.  Guests share some great food, and they can take a part of the evening that helped to make it so special.  There are many types of succulents that you can choose from!

Birthday parties:

Birthday parties are also one of those occasions that you really need to prepare for. It does not actually matter if it’s a kid’s party or an adult’s party, you can definitely still incorporate succulents in them. Even kids like the challenge of keeping a plant alive, and with a succulent, you’re setting them up for success! Choose pots that are appropriate for the age group, and even the theme you are going for.  Succulents may look quite formal but when you choose the right color of the pot like pastel colors and the right type of succulents like Echeveria Elegans succulents, it can make them look child friendly which you can then gift for those who brought their kids to the party (or even the kids themselves)!


Restaurants or catering:

A natural centerpiece is vital to make everything more appealing.  Replacing your disposable table centerpiece with succulents is a unique way to stand out in the crowd when people are deciding where they are choosing to dine. It’s the little extra special touches that are important sometimes!

Home decor:

Succulents can be placed in your home to bring life to your living space.  Place them on your tabletop or in your kitchen bar table to liven your kitchen up a bit.  Use a hollow letter that is the same as your last name and fill the letter with similar sized succulents.  It’s a fun way to personalize your space!

Any way you look at it, succulents are awesome plants that would make fantastic centerpieces or party favors! Mix and match them together using different shapes, pair them with some candles and rocks and place them in a glass bowl, or place a small plant at each place setting using these plants for favors.

One final tip for using plants as favors:

Return your unused succulents back to your garden and propagate them to create your own arrangement for your next centerpiece or take-home gift! Succulents are very easy to take care of which means you can grow as many as you like. Forget a present for a friend? Head to your garden of succulents and replant your beautiful succulent for them! Attach a note with care instructions, and boom! A gift out of your own garden!

Thanks for your guest post, Clarisse!

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