5 Tips for Entertaining on a Budget



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Sometimes, money is tight.  It is for most of us.  However; you don’t have to give up entertaining friends in your home because you’re worried that it will be too costly.  I’m going to show you 5 tips for entertaining on a budget so you’ll want to entertain more frequently!

1. Not every get together has to be “epic”.

Each and ever party doesn’t have to have a theme.  Themes bring expense by having to purchase items that you may not already have on hand.  Bringing people you care about together shouldn’t be stressful, and adding items to a budget can increase stress.  A “themeless” party where everyone is simply gathering to break bread are just as nice.

2. Collect a simple, but nice set of entertaining dinner and serve ware.  

Making your home “party” ready can honestly be as simple as setting the table.  Today, many people either eat on the run, at a restaurant, or in front of the television.  Elevate even the simplest meal with a classic set of white dishes.  Bring in levels to provide interest by using tiered serve ware.  Gather some nice placemats or a linen tablecloth to have on hand for special table settings.  Simple crystal wine glasses and drink glasses complete a table.

5 Tips for Budget Entertaining - Sweet Humble Home


3. Repurpose what you have in your home as decor.

I’ve never been one for purchasing decor to use for a party.  You already have items you love in your home.  That collection probably includes live plants, candles, different colored accents like stones, framed photos of friends.  All of these items can be used to create beautiful centerpieces for entertaining.

4. Pare down your menu.

When people talk about comfort and good memories they often include homemade meals shared with people they love.  Keep the fuss of a fancy menu off the table.  Serve your guests as you would your family.  A pot roast dinner served right from the pot, a big bowl of soup with crusty bread, a roast chicken and mashed potatoes.  Add a vegetable side and these are meals that you would serve your family, so there isn’t too much of an increased cost to add a few mouths.  And by the way – nothing dictates that a get together has to be in the evening.  You can hold a breakfast or brunch.  This can also be a budget saver.

5. Keep your drinks simple.

I never have a stocked bar, so to stock it for a dinner party would be an added expense.  I generally always offer wine and beer along with soft drinks like seltzer and iced tea.  This keeps the price way down.  There are many fantastic wines that are available for $15 and under.  In fact, I keep one on hand that I had first tried at the Waldorf Astoria in NYC.  We get it for $10 a bottle.  Truth.

So get started entertaining!

Follow these tips along with others I have available and you’ll be entertaining on a budget in no time flat.

So here’s a simple list you can print out and use to help keep you on track with budget entertaining:

xoxo – JJ


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