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10 Cleaning Tips For the Kitchen (For yourself & for guests)


There is little that gets me more excited than a good cleaning tip, so I’ve decided to share some of mine along with some of the best I’ve found!

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Keeping a clean house is important, although I always admit – there are days that it becomes less of a priority. On busy days like that I try to get at least a few little things done so the kitchen doesn’t get out of control. It makes those last minute entertaining nights a lot easier to handle!

  • The sink is your last dish. 

    • My friend Karen passed on this sage advice when we were roommates, and I’ve never forgotten it.  When you have finished the dishes, clean that sink! Think about what goes into the sink.  Food, germs from utensils, items that never should be in a sink – the list goes on.  Take a sponge with a nice abrasive side, along with my favorite – Bar Keepers Friend and scrub it down.  It takes only a couple of minutes.  Finish by spritzing the faucet and sink with an antibacterial spray.  Make sure to rinse the sink one last time after you’ve wiped off the spray.

Cleaning Tips for the Kitchen - Sweet Humble Home

  • Keep a bowl out for scraps and other garbage items.

    •  Any time I cook I have a bowl on the counter for scraps.  Scraps of food, the fat from the chicken I’m prepping, packaging.  By placing all of these items in a bowl you are keeping them off of the counter.  It helps to make cleanup a breeze.

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  • Clean up spills immediately.  

    • If you wait, it’s only going to be harder to remove.  So that no harsh chemicals come in touch with your food, make a homemade spray of vinegar and water. Use 1/2 cup of water, and 1/2 cup of distilled vinegar.  Add a 10 or so drops of your favorite essential oil and shake.  There you have it – a food safe cleaner – and no more mess.



      • Each day I put a half of a lemon into my disposal with a handful of ice.  This keeps the blades sharp, and any harsh smells disappear!

         A 1/2 of a lemon a day keeps your disposal smell fresh.

10 Cleaning Tips For the Kitchen - Sweet Humble Home


  • Make your appliances shine – with furniture polish.

    • Once a month all of my appliances get a rub down with Pledge.  It deep cleans the appliances, and leaves them really shiny.  In addition, fingerprints tend to be less noticeable. Your appliances will always have a nice sheen – even when entertaining!

  • Empty the dishwasher every morning.

    • When you start the day with an empty dishwasher it’s available as soon as you have dirty dishes.  You can load it throughout the day and run one cycle after 8 pm when it’s usually less expensive to run appliances.  Time & money saver!

10 Cleaning Tips For the Kitchen - Sweet Humble Home

  • Keep cabinet doors clean.

    • Kitchen cabinet doors can get greasy and can build up with grime and germs.  This makes the doors (especially around the handles) look dingy.  Once a month mix 2 tablespoons of Dawn dishwashing detergent and a couple cups of warm water.  Use a sponge to work off the grime.  Wipe clean with a paper towel.
  • Clean the toaster weekly.

    • Each week empty out the tray at the bottom of your toaster.  Make sure it is unplugged, and then using a pastry brush get in between the coils inside to dislodge and remove larger crumbs.  A dirty toaster can be a fire hazard, so never skip this chore.

10 Cleaning Tips For the Kitchen - Sweet Humble Home

  • Dispose of old sponges and care for new ones frequently.

    • Sponges can hold onto germs like few others.  Put them into the microwave for two minutes a couple of times a week.  I replace my sponges weekly – when entertaining, the last thing you want in your sink is a dirty sponge.

10 Cleaning Tips For the Kitchen - Sweet Humble Home

  • Keep your coffee pot clean.

    • Most people use their coffee pot daily – and I’d be afraid to find out how often they actually clean it.  And you always want to be able to offer guests you’re entertaining a cuppa.  In terms of the pot – wash that out after you have finished your coffee.  That way it’s ready to be set up for coffee the next morning.  As far as the machine itself, mix equal parts vinegar and water and put into the reservoir.  Run a cycle for making coffee, and wallah – clean coffee pot.

Do you have tips to share?

I am always looking for cleaning tips!  Share yours!




10 Cleaning Tips For the Kitchen - Sweet Humble Home

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