Make Ahead Holiday Side Dishes

Make Ahead Holiday Side Dishes

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Make Ahead Holiday Side Dishes

When is comes to prepping for Thanksgiving and Christmas meals, having a few make ahead holiday side dishes in your recipe box is a must!  I have gathered some amazing make ahead side holiday side dishes from some of my absolute favorite bloggers.  Adding a few of these to your personal recipe box will help to make holiday meals that much easier!

First, I’ll share one of my own:

Roasted Beets & Brussels Sprouts with Crispy Bacon is a SUPER easy side dish that you can make a day or so before and warm up in the oven on 350 for just 10 minutes.  I think you’ll love them!

Beets Brussels Sprouts & Crispy Bacon side dish. Easiest side dish you'll ever make! Sweet Humble Home


Make Ahead Holiday Sides for Entertaining - Sweet Humble Home

On to some of my other favorites:

Sharla from Freezer Meals 101 has shared her amazing Make Ahead Butternut Squash Side Dish.  Doesn’t this look scrumptious!?!?

Butternut Squash Side Dish

Kathy at Beyond the Chicken Coop shared this delicious looking Whole Berry Cranberry Sauce – thank you, Kathy!  I’m giving this a try for sure!

Make Ahead Holiday Sides - Blogger Roundup - Sweet Humble Home


Who doesn’t want to put dinner rolls on your holiday table? Or really, any time of year? These Homemade Brown Butter Brioche Dinner Rolls from Kendall at Foodal has you covered.

Sweet Humble Home Make Ahead Holiday Sides Blogger Roundup


I think I might actually go out right after I post this and get the ingredients from Lisa at Delicious Table shares her Italian Sausage Stuffing with Dried Cranberries and Cherries .

Italian-Sausage-and-Dried-Cherry-Cranberry-Dressing-Recipe- Sweet Humble Home Make Ahead Holiday Sides Roundup - Your favorite bloggers make your holiday meal SO much easier!


Thank you Elena!  Her Roasted Butternut Squash Soup would be an absolutely AMAZING addition to your holiday table – and you can make it ahead!!!

Roasted-Butternut-Squash- Sweet Humble Home Make Ahead Holiday Sides Roundup. We've just made your holidays SO much easier!


Carrie at Eating on a Dime is my hero.  Instant Pot Twice Baked Potatoes Casserole????  This has a chance of a permanent place in my recipe box!  Thank you, Carrie for this Instant Pot recipe!

twice-baked-potatoes-casserole- Sweet Humble Home Blogger Roundup - Make Ahead Holiday Sides. We've just made your holidays SO much easier!


Mashed potatoes can be a mess when making them with everything else you have going on!  How about making them ahead? And being able to reheat them 5 different ways??  Yes, 5.  Another submission from Lisa at Delicious Table gives us: Make Ahead Mashed Potatoes Reheated 5 Ways!

Make Ahead Holiday Sides Roundup - With Sweet Humble home I Make-Ahead-Mashed-Potatoes-Reheated-5-Ways-thankful


Last, but certainly not least we have Easy Sweet Potato Casserole with Apple from Kathy at Eating on A Dime.  Just the thought of this combination is making my mouth water.  Thank you again, Kathy!

Sweet Humble Home Make Ahead Holiday Sides Roundup - easy-Sweet-Potato-casserole-up-close


Your roadmap to saving time while entertaining!

Keep these fabulous recipes in your recipe box.  They’ll be sure to save you time and impress your guests!  Thanks, fellow bloggers!  You’ve helped ALL of us this holiday season!



When you think about a holiday meal you think about getting family together! Prepping ahead is your best friend! Try some of these make ahead holiday side dishes. Recipes that will keep them coming back every year for more holiday food! Add them to your favorite holiday recipes! Sweet Humble Home - #maekaheadholiday, #holidayrecipes, #thanksgivingrecipes, #christmasrecipes, #mashedpotatoes, #cranberrysauce

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