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Tips For Organizing A Kids Room

Organizing a kids room can be tough!  They have so much stuff for such little people.  Paring down on that stuff is the first obvious solution, but it’s not always feasible.  Below are some of my tips for dealing with the chaos of kids rooms.

  • The first step is to do a big clean up of the space. Frequently kids will want to hold onto items that they no longer play with.  Donate these items.  In addition, scale down on the memory box. Gather anything you have been keeping as a “memory” and pare it down. Place them in a storage bin and remove them from their room. I have one bin that I used for birth – PK 4.
  • If you have a large basket of toys, take the small items out of the basket and store in smaller, stacked bins so that little pieces don’t get lost.
  • Give them a space to be creative. Granted, kids need the opportunity to let their imaginations soar, so set up a chalkboard, an easel, anything where they can use their imagination and create.Ask for their input and use it so they own it.
  • Use the opportunity to make some money. Nearly everything we have is something someone else wants.  Sell what you have to others who might be looking for it.   Facebook Tag Sale Sites, Craig’s List, etc. (Just please be careful with your transactions).
  • Rotate toys in and out. Keep their interest. To be sure, kids can’t possibly maintain interest in everything they have at all times.
  • Create a “quiet corner” where they can look at books, play with small toys, etc.
  • Don’t design their space around a specific theme, yet surround them with what they love. For examples, I decorated my son’s room with blues, but there are train accents making it seem like there is a theme. At any time that “theme” can be changed easily with different pillows, wall décor, etc. In the meantime, you won’t need to plan to spend extra cash each time their whim changes.
  • Finally, keep it clean. Have them clean it up each night. Make it easier by employing the “pick up one before you take out another” rule so that it’s easier to get it where it needs to be a lot more quickly.

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In conclusion, take control of their space for a little while to help create the calm.

I’d love to hear some of your favorite organizing tips for kids’ rooms as well!

xoxo – Jeannine

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  1. Yes! Sometimes I’m overwhelmed by the amount of toys my daughter has in her room. Rotating those toys out is a great suggestion. What’s worked for us is pruning the toys on our own. Kids attach so many emotions to stuff that even if they haven’t used an item in a while, once they see it, they can’t imagine their lives without it. I went in one night when my daughter was at dance and cleaned out half her toys. She loved the extra space and couldn’t tell what I gave away.

    1. JoAnn that is a fabulous tip! You’re probably right – not involving the kids at times would probably make the process a bit faster! I have some cleaning out to do before his next birthday party! Perhaps I’ll do that before school ends!

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