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Easy Trifles for Entertaining

Easy Trifles for Entertaining

If there is one requirement for entertaining it’s that dessert is easy!  Well, you don’t get any easier than trifle – especially when you don’t make the cake yourself.  Make the cake yourself and you’re easily adding another two to three hours with cooling time.  That’s not the way I roll.  I’ve developed four easy trifles for you – each for a season of the year.  Nobody will know that you didn’t make the cake, and your guests are sure to be impressed!

A few tips about building a trifle

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The first thing you should know about trifles – you really need the right dish. A Trifle dish. There are simpler to fancier. I’ve got a few here to check out.

Anchor Hocking Monaco Trifle Bowl:

Godinger Lumina Trifle Bowl:

Second, make sure you have fridge space available. Trifles should be our together before guests arrive and should be refrigerated. If you don’t plan for that in advance you can quickly run out of room.  And finally, third; making trifles takes a fair amount of counter space to assemble because all of the ingredients are layered so everything needs to stay out.

Easy Trifles for any season! My kids favorite is Winter - mine is fall! Each are easy and there's one for each season! #trifles, #trifledessert, #easytrifle, #stressfreedessert

Winter –  Peppermint & Brownie Trifle

Not too many flavors scream Holidays more than peppermint. With crushed candy canes on top this crowd pleaser will get everyone in the holiday spirit!

Spring – Lemon Blueberry Crunch Cake Trifle

Lemon says spring. It’s fresh tasting, and cleanses you pallet just like spring does for us after a long winter. This easy to put together trifle with store bought ingredients make a decadent dessert really easy!

Summer – Strawberry Shortcake Trifle

I remember every summer enjoying strawberry shortcake. My mom made the best. I hope my Strawberry Shortcake Trifle does this memory justice. If you want to serve this trifle around the 4th of July – add blueberries and you’ll be all sorts of patriotic!

Fall – Caramel Apple Trifle

I may be a Florida girl now, but you can’t ever take away my strong New England roots and love for everything fall! Caramel apples were a staple and loved by every kid I ever knew. Take those flavors and put them into a Trifle – goodness. Just. Plain. Goodness.

Entertaining shouldn’t be stressful.  These easy trifles for entertaining make whipping up a dessert easy as pie – only easier.



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