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Five Ways to Get Kids To Help With Chores



Do you want your child to help out at home more?  Let’s face it, most of us do.  But how do you get them to do what you’d like them to do without a fight?  As children age they naturally want to do things themselves.  They seek approval from you on a regular basis, and want to make you happy.  Use that.  Encourage them each time they want to do it on their own.  Here’s my five ways to get kids to help with chores (without the fighting):

5 Easy Steps:

  • Make sure that they understand that chores are not a punishment, but part of what makes a family work together. You want your child to develop a sense of desire for helping others.
  • Work together with your child as they start doing regular chores.  Ask them to help you with setting the table or bringing the laundry into the laundry room.  Children want their parents approval, so don’t be afraid to tell them that they are doing a great job! Eventually, the child will want to do that chore on their own!

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Five Ways to Get Kids To Help With Chores- Sweet Humble Home

  • Make it very simple to understand what is expected of them.  There are several chore charts available to purchase.  Another option is to make your own.  I made some with paint chips from the home improvement store.  You simply write the chore, and on each subsequent line, write the steps for the chore to be completed.  I put a few each week on a key ring and occasionally switch them out.
  • Explain to your child the natural consequences for not completing their chores.  For example, “If you don’t pick up your toys and put them away into the proper bin, we won’t be able to play in a little while, or when you don’t pick up your laundry and put it into your laundry basket, it doesn’t get washed.  if your cub scout shirt isn’t washed, you won’t have it to wear to your meeting”.  Now this won’t work if you cave and do it for them just so it gets done.  They must do it themselves.

Five Ways to Get Kids To Help With Chores- Sweet Humble Home

  • Make chores as fun as you can.  Put on their favorite music, designate a time for family chores so that they see each person doing their part to help the family run a little better.

Whatever it is that you would like your child to help you with at home – they need to see you doing first.  Start there by doing it with them.  Before you know it you’ve got the cutest little helper in the place!



5 Ways To Get Kids to Help With Chores - Sweet Humble Home


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