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Fall Activities in a Warm Climate

It’s time for something new.

We have recently relocated from New England – so we are creating a whole new normal.  That’s a good thing on so many levels, but experiencing our first fall in a warm climate has me wondering if I’ll be able to find a way to enjoy the season as much as I used to.

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When you live in a place that doesn’t exactly have a crisp feel once the calendar hits mid September it’s time to figure out what makes for fall activities in a warm climate.  I took to talking to local people, researching, and have developed our “must-do” this for the season!

Fall in a warm climate - Sweet Humble Home

Hike the Trails:

It gets hot in the south.  Sometimes people say it’s too hot to get out and enjoy the area (although to be honest we still go outside almost daily).  There won’t be much of a change in terms of the foliage at all, but the temperature will be nice, and the fresh air will be fantastic.

Fall Festivals:

In one easy search I was able to locate many different fall festivals taking place around us.  Again, the weather is perfect to get outside, so do it!  Many of these festivals have hay rides, pumpkin patches, and costume contests all in one place! There is a website that can tell you lots of what is going on in every state called Pumpkin Patches & More.  Check it out and see what is going on in your state.


Fall Activities in a warm climate - sweet humble home

Farmer’s Markets:

It was an adjustment to find that corn would be harvested in October when we moved!  Another fantastic new normal? Farmer’s Markets that continue deep into autumn!  The farmer’s markets carry all of the same goodies that we found to be plentiful in autumn in New England.  There’s local honey, cinnamon everything, fresh apples, and all the root vegetables that I’ve always loved to cook with.

Farmers Market Jams - Sweet Humble Home

Pumpkin Picking:

There wasn’t a chance that we were going pumpkin picking! We’ve gone every year since our little one was born.  Every year I get way too many pumpkins and end up roasting and freezing more than I’ll ever need.  Thing is – there are plenty of pumpkin patches in the south!

Fall Activities in a Warm Climate:

Here’s the thing.  Fall in a warm climate is just like fall in the northern states.  It’s just a little bit warmer, and you don’t need to think of it as your last hurrah before being hunkered down inside all winter.  It’s just a bit of a calm before – well, more calm.

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Sweet Humble Home Favorite Fall Activites in a Warm Climate PINTEREST
Sweet Humble Home Favorite Fall Activites in a Warm Climate PINTEREST

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