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Organizing With A Planner

I used to love writing in a planner. As a matter of fact, made me feel organized, and on top of things, and quite frankly, I loved checking things off.

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Last year, my fabulous friend Amber, (she owns Simpli Stamped – you’ve GOT to check out her jewelry), took out this beautiful planner in front of me. I was intrigued, but still didn’t see the value in writing things down that I now kept organized on my phone.

Strangely enough, I was wrong. To me, there is tremendous value in it. Not only are today’s planners fabulously pretty, and fun to use, using one has made me an even more organized person. I keep everything from scheduled blog posts, school events, exercising, meal planning – I have it all in one place.  The best part? They now have all sorts of planner stickers which can highlight certain events, or just make the day more cheerful.  One of my favorite planners is the Erin Condren.  It’s beautiful, well organized, and best of all, so much fun to use!


There are a few things you need to keep in mind when choosing a planner.

  • What layout works best for you? There are vertical, or horizontal.  It all differs based on the specific planer and what they offer.
  • What type of binding works best for you?  Some planners don’t have spiral binding, and some do.  Some lay flat, while others don’t.  It’s all a matter of personal preference.
  • Will the stickers you want to use going to work with the layout you have chosen? Not all stickers will fit into all binders.  Make sure you know they’ll work before you purchase them.

Finally, I now don’t go anywhere without my planner.  Do any of you use planners? I’d love to see how you use it and hear how it helps you!




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