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Sweet Family Kitchen - Summer Edition

A hands-on activity each day!

Easy recipes to follow!

Time in the kitchen with your kids!

A family night completely planned out for you for six weeks of the summer!


What does Sweet Family Kitchen offer?


Each day has a hands-on activity! We’ll be making placemats – even putting together a family recipe book!


Included are super easy recipes to make with your child!

Family Night

Suggestions for family night movies or shows that go with the theme for the day are included!

Spending time together in the kitchen with kids helps them to learn to love to be a part of kitchen prep and entertaining!

"Sweet Family Kitchen turned out to be my kids favorite thing to do this summer"!

"My grandkids LOVED Sweet Family Kitchen! Everyday was something new - can't wait for the next version"!
"I think the best thing about the guide is the time I got to spend with my kids. I didn't have to plan - it was all done for me!
"All I did was pick up the supplies - the rest was planned out - and such easy recipes! Would recommend to other families.
Work at Home Mom


Some answers to questions that we've been asked!

In just a couple of hours each time you plan to have a family night you’ll be do a project with your child and spend time in the kitchen creating something wonderful!

Everything is planned out for you! Simply pick up some groceries and art supplies that you may not have on hand and follow the plan for the day!

Great! You can choose to participate in Sweet Summer Kitchen with your kids for 6 weeks – meaning you’ll choose one day or night each week to do the scheduled activities – OR you can spend a week – a little time each day during your break!

First – they get some undivided attention from you! By the end of the program they’ll have a new appreciation for meal time, a desire to help you prep, and a love for entertaining!


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