Chaos Free School Mornings - Tips for A Smoother Morning with Kids

Chaos Free School Mornings

Are Your Mornings Suddenly Chaotic?

When I was single with no kids It used to be easy. Each morning I’d get up, get dressed, have some coffee, pack up my pre-made oats and head to work.

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It’s not as easy when we are getting a little one out the door.

When my son started school, for the first time, I didn’t feel organized any longer. All of a sudden, he was running the show, and I needed to change that. Pronto.  Some people think I’m nuts. They call me “super organized”, but if there is one thing I’m not good at – it’s starting the day organized. After implementing these routines, mornings in our house are actually pretty easy.

Steps to Create Chaos Free School Mornings:

  • I make lunches and pack snacks the night before. Don’t leave it for the morning, and don’t ask what they want. You know what they like. You know what they don’t like. Making it a dialogue will only add to the chaos.
  • I get his clothes ready on Sunday for the week. I have this “day of the week” hanging organizer in his closet, and I use it (affiliate link).

  • Go through the backpack each day as soon as they come home and address anything you need to address right away. This includes anything that needs to be signed and sent back as well as reading notes home, and writing and getting ready anything that needs to go back to the teacher.  Keep a school activity calendar posted for easy reference. This way I know if we need to return library books or bring show and tell, for example. If there is something we need to send in, we gather that stuff together and put it right into his bag.

Chaos Free School Mornings - Sweet Humble Home

  • Each day when they get home have them put their shoes, coat, hat & gloves, and backpack in the same place. By doing this you avoid the morning struggle of “Where is your backpack – where are your gloves – did you find your shoes”?!?! as you’re trying to get out the door on time.

Finally, get dressed and fuel yourself before your little one wakes up. Once you are ready to go, it’s a lot easier to get them going.

I hope these tips help organize your morning a little bit! What tips do you have for organized mornings.

xoxo – JJ

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