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Slow Cooker:

I absolutely love my slow cooker.  It helps me to get meal prep done in the morning so I have the rest of the day free for family!

Rice Cooker:

Cooking rice is easy.  Put it in the pot and it’s done in 15 minutes.  The problem? I often run out of stovetop space! I use my rice cooker regularly!

Cutting boards are essential to any functioning kitchen!  Getting the right one adds to the experience.  This one is my favorite wood cutting board.

You can’t use wood for meat. This is my favorite plastic cutting board:

The are two types of cooking utensils that I like.  Olive wood and high heat silicone.  Below are my favorites.


Mixing bowls are essential to an organized and functional kitchen.

Cookie Sheets.  I use my cookie sheets for SO much more than just cookies.

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Baskets are my number one best organization tool.  You can use them for so many different things!

Command Centers are a fabulous way to keep everything you need to refer to in one place – for the entire family!

Planners.  I am a planner junkie, for sure.  With all of the “technical” ways to stay organized, I still also need a hard copy in front of me.  Erin Condren has some of the BEST planners out there.



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Platters.  I have a collection of platters in all different sizes.  These are some of my favorites. I love the simple elegance of the lines along with the rectangular shape.

Tiered trays  are a favorite because you can use them to create height on a table, and can give you a special place for appetizers and desserts alike making it super easy to create a pretty table.