The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Halloween Party Themes for Adults

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Hosting a Halloween party for kids is one thing, and I think we have that covered.  Adult only Halloween party themes are a different story altogether, but not to fear! I’ve put together the Ultimate Guide to Choosing Halloween Party Themes for Adults.  I’ve got you covered with ideas from costume competitions to horror flicks!


Witches Brew – Beer Tasting Party

The absolute best part of this adult theme for a Halloween party is that we can enjoy an adult Halloween cocktail without the worry of little goblins afoot around us!  Combine an Oktoberfest feel with some fabulous fall brews for a Halloween Witches Brew Beer Tasting Party – the perfect Halloween party theme for adults. 

Favorite fall beers to try:

  1. Hard Cider: Downeast Pumpkin Cider
  2. Stout: Evil Twin Brewing Imperial Doughnut Break
  3. IPA: Boneyard Beer
  4. Wet Hop: Troegs Brewing Company Hop Knife Harvest
  5. Pumpkin: Elysian Brewing Company – The Great Pumpkin
  6. Oktoberfest: Spaten 

Tips for a Witches Brew Beer Tasting Party:

  • Use a large, plastic witch’s caldron as an beverage holder
  • Faux spider webs make fantastic table additions along with those Dollar Store spiders!
  • Black plastic (or cloth if you have them) tablecloths make a fantastic base for the beer tasting table!
  • You can find an entire post on hosting a beer tasting party at home here.

Clue Murder Mystery Night – One of the easiest Halloween Party Themes for Adults

Who did it? Nobody will know until the game is over! But, you can take your best guess.  This easy Halloween party theme for adults can be planned in one of two ways.

  • Simply invite friends over for a murder mystery night dinner and game night with a few drinks.
  • Invite your friends for Clue Murder Mystery Night and set up the place for some Halloween fun!

If you are just looking to get everyone together, Clue is a great game to play around Halloween.  However; if you really want to do up this adult Halloween party theme – here are a few tips:

  • Ask everyone to attend as their favorite character from the game.
  • Set up the game board in a room where the lights are off and play by candlelight.
  • Have creepy music on in the background.
  • Make a Halloween alcoholic punch ready to share and name it after a character or one of the items that is used.
  • Request each guest bring a fall/Halloween themed dessert to share after you’ve solved the mystery! 

Halloween party games for adults are always a good idea!

Horror Flick Movie Night

Costumes or sans costumes, you can’t watch horror films with the kiddos around! Invite your besties over, prep some of these super fun party treats, and watch some good old fashioned horror films! Inside or outside this is a winner of a Halloween party themes for adults!

Halloween Al Fresco

In many places you can still dine outside even if there is a chill in the air.  After all, that’s what fire pits and bonfires are for!

This is one of the adult Halloween party themes I like the most.  It doesn’t have to be scary, just put a little bit into the setup and enjoy a night sans kids with some wonderful wine, adult conversation, and fantastic food!

Menu suggestions for an al fresco get together this October:

End the evening with a pumpkin decorating contest (adult version), or gather around a fire pit with some amazing Hot Apple Cider Spiked with Rum.  

Day of the Dead (Día de Muertos) 

When you first hear of Day of the Dead, or Dia de Muertos as it is called in Spanish, you may have visions of something scary, but honestly, it’s quite the opposite. Traditionally, this celebration began in Mexico, however; many different Latin countries celebrate this holiday.  It’s a day where you honor the lives of your loved ones who have passed on.  That day, you celebrate what they loved in life.  Altars are set up for the loved ones that the family is celebrating that include a photograph of the person.  

Family might also decorate their gravesite or make their favorite foods and drinks.  The best part about this celebration is that it is believed that loved ones awake and party right along with their family. Regardless, this theme still might be a bit much for the kiddos that haven’t been raised in that culture, so I’ve included it here with the adult themed Halloween parties.

Day of the Dead Party Tips:

  • Create an altar like the one above to honor a loved one who has passed (you can encourage guests to bring a photo of their loved one as well to add it to the altar).
  • Provide sweets that are in the form of skulls (this is a tradition that is practiced on this day). You can get some ideas from the website Dia de los Muertos where they have all of the traditional recipes you would need for this event. 
  • These Halloween party decorations for adults can include painted skulls, dolls, candles, marigold flowers and more.  


Tarot Theme Party

A more uncommon Halloween party theme for adults is a tarot card party! This one may not be for everyone, because there are those of us that don’t want to mess with the unknown, however; it’s is an easy party theme to pull off!

Want to bring your party to the next level??  How about a tarot card reading for you and your friends right at home? Now there’s a top party planner idea for Halloween party themes for adults! You can set up your own reading for you and friends with an online reading through an Etsy listing here.  

Wicked Wine Party

An uncommon Halloween Party theme would be a wine tasting party for adults.  This party can be an inside or an outside Halloween party depending on where you live and what the weather is like! I’ve got you covered with the steps for how to hold a wine tasting at home, but here are some tips for making this wine party wicked!

  • Decant your wine into black bottles and give them “potion lables”
  • Use rustic, outdoor elements to set the table (witches never did have the reputation of being too fancy)
  • Simple spider webs can help to accent your table.
  • Provide the right music in the background, keeping it a bit creepy!
  • Stick to red wine.  For obvious reasons!
  • Provide appetizers for guests to enjoy – and remember, you can rename anything to fit the party!

Horror Film Costume Party

Adults can’t dress up as their favorite scary costume when kids are around, but a Horror Film Costume party gives them the opportunity.  A good old fashioned costume party may be where it’s at if you are looking for an easy adult themed Halloween party! Ask guests to dress as their favorite character, and be as scary as they like! Provide Halloween party decorations for adults, adult Halloween cocktails, scary Halloween music, and even adult Halloween party games and you’ve got the makings of a Halloween party for adults that will likely become a tradition! 

Halloween Party Themes for Adults

Which theme will you choose?  



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